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Another question that I reckon I already know the answer to! Can you load spectators up with food, gels etc at the outlaw so can get some grub when you see them, or does this count as outside assistance? (reckon it probably does!)

Also roughly how frequent are aid stations at the outlaw?


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  • Half Pint - there was a thread last year for newbie questions and I *think* this was covered there. I am not on laptop at mo so I can't find it for you but might be worth seeing if you can find it image
  • the official ironman races will state that if you are seen getting gels from a spectator you can be disqualified..........not sure what the outlaw rules are......

    are you interested in the bike or run stations

  • Tried the search but it just pulls up loads of running newbie questions, is there a way to put limits on the search?

    Seren - both if possible but mainly ride

  • i will have a look,............i know that i have had the details of the stations for ironman wlaes in sept......


    to be honest.......unless you are at the front of the pack there should be no problem getting stuff of your family on the run..........

  • it is outside assistance - which ever way you look at it. theres more than enough choice of crap to eat so youll be fine 


  • thanks schmunkee

  • Are you interested because you want something other than race offered food. If so they may allow special needs bags at one feed station (so you only get support at the same time as the rest of us).

    If it is medical requirement then they may allow it more often. How many gels are you thinking about? Sticking them in a water bottle works for some, bento boxes also useful.

    On the run there are plenty of aid stations.

  • Last year there were 7 feeds stations at

    19.5 - 33.5 - 44.5 - 60.5 - 76.5 - 83.5 - 99.5 miles

    I know the bike course is different, but it still covers the same ground so I imagine it'll be a similar set up this year.

    The Bike Feed stations will all contain the following items:

    Bottles;  Water Bottles; High5 Energy Source: citrus High5 Energy Gels: mixture of flavours Bananas Bottle drop for empty bottles 2x Toilets Each feed station will also contain some basic bike maintenance equipment.  


    The run is brilliant for feed stations, you're never more than 1.5 miles from one and they are well stocked. Cups of Water, Cups of High 5, Coke, High 5 Energy Gels, High 5 Caffeine + Gel, High 5 ZeroTabs, Bananas,Oranges,Jaffa Cakes,Crisps

  • The pirate feed station on the bike ran out of gels and bananas quite early, and I think other feed stations did too. The run may have been better stocked don't know but best be prepared. Gels are easy to carry in pockets though - never know you might miss friends and is it better to know you've managed self sufficient?

    Disclaimer - Not done an IM (yet) so not an expert

  • I never picked up anything apart from bottles at the feed stations, so can't comment on them running out.  All my fuel was carried; a bottle full of diluted gels, Soreen in a bento box and dextro tabs taped to my top tube.

    I started with two bottles of drink on my bike, the plan was to finish one before each drinks station and then replace it, with the other as a spare. this seemed to work. I think I finished the spare as well and took on two bottles quite late on. Just worked out I must've drank 6lt of fluid on the bike, which sounds a lot.

    On the run I only took gels (caffiene free ones) and drinks.  There seemed to be plenty of them and crisps and Jaffa cakes, but there was still 800 people on the course when I finished, so I guess they could've run short as well.


  • Why did you carry a "spare" full bottle? That's a lot of extra weight for no purpose... I have read that "Every extra pound you carry above your optimum weight makes you 15 to 20 seconds slower for each mile of a climb." How true is that?

    There is normally a handover zone for family/friends support after each/some aid stations. Certainly this applies in challenge events.
  • Ep- word of warning, two years ago Madlot had the gel bottle on the bike but on the approach to a feed station got carried away and threw it away leavinf himself gel less till he picked some up from the feed station.

    To the original poster as DK says its against the rules but as most of the top AGers rode as a big group drafting of each other last year its up to you. there is not enough refs on the whole course to DQ everyone but lets just say its against the spirit of the event.

    I would rather complete the race knowing i had done it inside the rules then had extra help.

  • Further to Marshallini's post, we only had orange gels at the feed station, which ran out towards the end I thought, although we did get another box delivered.

    Tools - there were some at the Pirate station, but these were supplied by a Pirate. The only thing the Outlaw supplied was some inner tubes, which we were expected to sell to those on need for a fiver each!!

  • Pix.. if you are going to put gels in a bottle a TOP TIP is to mark the bottle with a perm marker showing where each gel gets to... so a bottle might have 15 marks up the side of it showing 15 gels gave gone into it.  That way you can judge how much are are eating/drinking or whatever you do with gels!  

  • Thats a great top tip PSC. I'm seriously thinking about a gel bottle for Henley, I get in right old mess trying to open them on the bike. 

  • Rafiki wrote (see)
    Tools - there were some at the Pirate station,

    But Barley was racing! image

  • In fairness re the gels, a lot of that was down to how we held them out.  Some people were holding out four or five and of course, a cyclist will just grab what they can as they whizz past.

    If we held out only one or two, we could have made the gels last longer.

    I know it's not up us to *ration*, but I don't think we helped ourselves with our approach to gel despatch last year image

  • PSC wrote (see)
    Why did you carry a "spare" full bottle? That's a lot of extra weight for no purpose... I have read that "Every extra pound you carry above your optimum weight makes you 15 to 20 seconds slower for each mile of a climb." How true is that?

    The extra "spare" bottle was just an emergency back up, I'd rather have it and not use it than not have it and need it and it did get used.
    I never considered the weight, but 1.1lb added to my bike that weighs a ton, before I fitted a big pump, 5 tubes, a lightweight jacket and my tools is neither here nor there and like the bottle I'd rather have them than not.

    I had my gel bottle marked so I knew how much was taken. I was relying on the aid stations for drinks, but wanted to be self suficient for food.

  • 5 tubes?, you not have much luck with punctures in training?

  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    5 tubes?, you not have much luck with punctures in training?

    To be fair, it didn't exactly slow him down!

  • [sticks BTF officials hat on]

    as Outlaw is run under BTF rules, being handed anything by supporters is classed as outside assistance.  so if caught, you get a DQ - that's the penalty for this offence.

    [removes BTF officials hat]

    but frankly, and unless you're at the sharp end, it's unlikely to bother the officials unless someone complains but that usualy only happens if someone is seen getting some major mechanical help to fix a bike issue.  being handed some food, a jacket etc is unliky to cause problems but that is down to the circumstances and the officials on the day.

    some WTC IM events have supporter feed areas at a feed station on the run where you can be handed other provisions.  IM Wales had this when I did it and it was bloody lovely having some warm chicken soup that Petal had in a flask.  after hours of sweet sticky fuel and gels, something savoury makes a big difference.


  • same applies EP - outside assistance covers anything being handed by a supporter to an athlete but as I said, it's unlikley to trouble anyone unless you're at the pointy end.

    if you're concerned about it you may be able to agree with the race organiser to have something by the side of the course (perhaps near the changing tents which you pass on the run) that you can pick up or be handed during the latter stages, but they would need to approve it in advance.

    but don't sweat the small stuff - most are not going to complain if you get handed something late on unless it's some EPO or a rocket pack!

  • Buddha - whats the score about having tools at the feedstation then? Is that classed as outside assistance (as I remember a certain Mr Wiltshire asking for an  allen key!!)

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