This plantar fasciitis thing...

Looking for some advice and/or experience here chaps. I'm getting this pain just in front of my heel when I walk or run, nothing severe but I know it's there. It doesn't get worse throughout a run, but I know it's there. I'm covering about 40-50 mile a week in fairly low drop shoes (0-4mm). I've got flat feet, supinate, and have fairly tight calfs; everything points to plantar fasciitis but isn't that supposed to be really painful? Any thoughts?


  • Plantar fasciitis not painfull ??? I beg to differ , one of the most painfull conditions I've ever had ! I think it very much depends on how bad you have it as I've heard people say they've ran through the pain blah blah blah but I could barely walk ( and some days couldnt !) never mind run !! It's very hard to actually diagnose PF as there are so many other conditions that have similar symptoms , you need to get a proper diagnosis from a podiatrist first as its quite possible it's not PF and then take it from there , good luck though
  • Thanks capt.

    I'm a bit reluctant to see a podiatrist as I'm reluctant to use orthotics and I guess that's what would be prescribed.

    I agree about PF, I'd read that it's really painful. I'm able to do 30-40 miles with not much more than an ache so maybe I just need to look at cushioning?!
  • I depends how bad it is.  I had it bad enough that I couldn't put any weight on my foot at all but that was years ago.

    Occasionally it flares up when I've been doing something stupid (like going for long walks in the wrong shoes) and then it is just an irritaing ache rather than pain.

  • Why would you not want to use orthotics if they get rid of the pain?

    I'd see a podiatrist as soon as you can and get a proper diagnosis. PF can be a chronic and unpredictable condition but it can clear up completely - mine did. 

  • All of my shoes are unsupported, may be worth having a look a supported shoes before seeing atone for expensive orthotics. Still feel like its a bit like conceding defeat rather than training the body to adapt.
  • In most cases you shouldn't need orthotics forever.  Orthotics help ease the pressure on the PF while it heals, in a similar way to using a support for other parts of the body.  A good podiatrist will also show you how to strengthen the PF and other muscles and tendons in your lower leg and foot so that you aren't continuing to do whatever it was that caused it in the first place.

    In a few cases people do need orthotics for prolonged periods of time (forever?) but there are also a lot of people who don't realise that they could get rid of them once the problem has gone away

  • I used to suffer from plantar . Bought a foam roller , use it every night . Used kinesiology tape when I run for my feet . After a run I take ibuprofen and role a frozen bottle over my feet .

    Touch wood it's not returned for years
  • Thanks for all your comments, very helpful. I think I'm on my way to resolving the issue.

    Marc, seriously, you take NSAID's after every run? That's pretty mental.

    I've been cutting around in zero drop shoes, using a golf ball, and ice pack* for an hour or so each day and it's helped massively.

    *it's actually a 330ml Capri-Sun bottle with water and anti-freeze to keep it squidgy; works a treat as long as you remember not to drink it!!!!!
  • Honestly try a foam roller, will work wonders.

    Well runs over 10 miles I do, yes
  • I use a roller on my ITB and quads fairly regularly, doubt it'd be firm enough to impact my feet....unless I've got you wrong.
  • I've only got 1 run a week less than 10 miles and I wouldn't consider using NSAID's; they mask symptoms that you really should be listening to.
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