It's my life

A song from the 90's that seems particularly approriate today

The rest of the world can fuck right off.  Good luck to yer


  • You alright hun? ((SC)) x
  • ((((SuperCaz))) Hang on in there mate. 

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Hi SuperCaz

    However bad things do feel at any specific time you know that everyone has rotten episodes from time to time - there are no exceptions. It is of little comfort knowing that is the case while you are down and dejected and needing somebody that will understand and comfort you.

    However it says something about each one of us that we do pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and push on with things as best we can despite knowing our vulnerabilities. How quickly we pick ourselves up is a measure of our character and resilience.

    Life is about choices and decisions some we make ourselves feeling brave and/or fearful. Some choices and decisions are what others make that impact on us and sometimes we can do little or nothing about.

    Indeed "It's MY life" but don't listen to silly songs that might mirror your fleeting mood at this moment. Why are you where you are today? What were your decisions and choices? Answer that and find your purpose again.

    All the very best SuperCaz


  • You being nominated as a peace keeper for North Korea ??

  • Style consultant at Liverpool One ?
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