red sores around ankles/over feet when doing above 12 miles

dear anyone.  Having a bit of  a mare training for 100km in that my feet come out in red hives when doing anything over 12 miles.  I do wear very lightweight boots and have tried a variety of socks but nothing seems to help.  I am now doing over this every weekend and having real difficulties.  My event is on 25th/26th May london2brighton, any advice?  Socks with wool, without wool etc?! I have spent a bomb on socks but can not seem to find any that do not cause the rash etc...any advice would be greatly received! 


  • Could it be your washing powder?

    You could ask your Gp to get you to a specialist. Without pics it tricky to guess, but does sound skin related rather than physiology or sock or boot related. Only other thought is bites. Where are you running/ walking? Long grass/heather etc? I wonder if you are getting either bitten or scratched by long grasses or seeds?
  • Hmm have you tried other footwear?  I'd probably try swapping your boots out for some different trainers and just wash your socks on a hot cycle with no detergent (2 different runs so you control the experiment).

    I suppose it is possible you are allergic to your own sweat (or something else) - have you tried taking anti-histimines before the run? I load up before running in the park in summer, grass/insects etc give me rashes over all my legs if I don't.

  • Can't help I'm afraid Maxine, but I'd be interested to know if anyone else has an answer. I've started developing a rash on my feet as well - sort of in similar places on both feet which makes me think it's either sock or shoe related, although I've had the same style of shoe before and it didn't happen with them. Doctor can prescribe steroid cream, but that won't help to find out what's causing the problem in the first place.
  • Lokking at one of your other threads- wouldn't it be worth trying a lighter trail shoe? It could easily be due to overheating/ sweat- hopefully it willl be a lot warmer by the time we get into late may, so trying a lighter shoe seems sensible.( Please note- I have no idea what the underfoot conditions will be like, so if this is just a daft iea, sorry)

  • Is it a heat rash perhaps?

    try lighter shoes and thinner socks?

  • Dear all, thanks so much for your speedy replies! The detergent bit I have already covered so thanks for that, anti histamine could be a great move, thank you. The lighter trail shoe I am toying with at the moment but due to all my training being on muddy hills/forests, I really need my boots. Not sure what the event will be like as last year there was lots of rain and mud and the year before a heat wave! I guess perhaps I should use cream on the sores, change socks each 25km, take lighter weight trail runners and have boots too for support on the night walk element. Had ankles covered up to now as walking has been in cold/snow etc so not sure it's caused by insects etc... Lots of food for thought and I really appreciate your comments. I shall try a bit of everything in the hope it all dies down in the next 6 weeks! Thanks!
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