New to running

Hey everyone, new to running here. I am training for a police academy and have began running. I absolutely love it. I never ran in my life and now I can't get enough. I am trying to follow the .10 percent rule but I find it very hard because I am improving my distance so much that I feel bored with what I am doing. I am currently running a measely 8 miles a week. I run MWF 3/2/3 miles. I had some initial pain in my feet a while back but recently bought some Brooks Ghost running shoes and have no problems since. I will be increasing to 10 miles this week. My question is, am I better off sticking to my 3 days a week, and do 3/4/3 miles, or should I switch to 4 days Monday threw Thursday and do something like 3/2/3/2 miles or something along those lines. I plan on adding a leg weight/sprint day on friday as well. Any input would be appreciated!


  • If you have not had an exercise background then best advice is stick to the 10% rule or risk injury. And as the police don't want injured applicants my advice is don't overdo it. Good luck.
  • Good advice from PSC. When i first started training seriously i had a background of exercise. From the start i went at the training a little bit too hard and for the first month or so was suffering with sore calf, hip and shin muscles so take it easy be patient (i know it can be difficult when your raring to go).

  • If you are going to switch to 4 days, don't do Mon-Thurs (or Mon to Fri as you plan a sprint session as well!) - carry on as you are and add Sunday in  to spread it out for long *slow* run (LSR - your longest of the week), almost walking speed for time on feet rather than distance to build your endurance, at a moderately elevated heart rate (~70% max HR), which being new to running you won't have yet.  It took me a while to realise slower was better and a year later I can go out do a comfortable 8:30 paced 20 miler tomorrow, when 12 months ago 2 miles at 10:00 min/mile pace left me gasping for breath.

    I had a few false starts after thinking somewhat like you (enthusiastic and pushing it as much as you can) and having to have time off through niggly injuries, usually you always feel fine at the time you're running, then the next day or the day after you feel the damage you've done through increasing too quickly.

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