is this drinkable?i gather its the fuel for the nyc marathon,so i know i'm going to take quite a bit of it on board-my usual tipple is lucozade sport-is it all the same or should i be seeking out the gatorade to test drive beforehand??advice welcome.


  • Always try in in advance. Its easy enough to get in this country, motorway service stations often have huge quantities and some Sainsburys stock it. I quite like it and have taen it on training runs with no problems.

  • thanks-its the thing you see everywhere until you need it,then it mysteriously vanishes...
  • Don't try something new n a race, you may need BK's immodium if you do. Get your guts acclimatised first.
  • They use the lemon & lime flavour. Road around the Gatorade station is hideously sticky so beware.
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