Reoccurring cold, or virus, feeling generally poo! Marathon training.

Spent the weekend in bed, the usual, achey, fatigued, dizzy and generally feeling like ...., you know what!

Been off and on for 2 months now, cold turned into chest infection and I don't think I really have ever got on top of it. 

Training for VLM, so 3 weeks to shake this. Have taken breaks in my training when ill, maybe have always come back too quickly. But nothing I can do about that now, going to the doctor tomorrow (if I can get an appointment) as can't cope with feeling like this and having an adverse effect on my family.

Anyone been through this? Any advice to help boost my immmune system. Taking vitamins and zinc but not doing any good?

Not run for 5 days now, and doesn't look like I'll be able to run for a few days yet. Feeling very miserable and feeling bad that I've ruined a bank hoiliday for my family.


  • I feel for you! I have been struck by a really nasty cold recently, the worst cold I can remember having, and it's taken me 2 weeks to shake it off properly! image

    I'm afraid I don't know any magic remedies but you're doing the right things! I just drank plenty of water, kept up the eating and tried to get plenty of sleep. I didn't get back running until I felt 100% because I've learnt my lesson running too soon after illness before!

    Good luck with the training and try and keep your chin up! There's been some stinker colds going around (I blame the prolonged and very cold winter!) and they clobber even the fitest of people!

  • Thanks, Daniel.

    Can never believe how long it takes to shake it completely, but your 2 weeks is giving me hope! Two and half weeks left before the big day and I'm finally feeling ok again. Hoping that it will be enough to be back on form.

    Been taking vitamins, zinc and everything but it seemed that the echinacea drops have done the trick. 


  • I reckon there must be quite a few folks in this position - I'm running my first VLM this year - training had been text book up until 6th March (3 days after running a new HM PB) - then March has just been a write off, with recurring cold/virus/infection thing and really crappy cold weather.

    Missed every March long run due to illness or snow - but had got 3x 20+ long runs in Feb.

    Not sure how to approch London now - I'm thinking just get properly fit and turn up on the day with lower expectations than I had a month ago. Should my aim of sub-3.35 now be more like sub 4hrs?

    Just how much fitness do you lose in 2-3 disrupted weeks - given I was in probably best ever shape just 4 weeks ago?


  • Good to hear you're on the mend Daisy! Bad colds can take a while to shake off even for the fittest of people.

    I've heard good things of echinacea, will remember that for when (or if!) the lurgy strikes again!

    Grasscutter - 2 to 3 weeks will see a slight loss of fitness but nothing too drastic - you'll get it back. I think though you'd be wise to maybe lower your target time for London. 

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