Support Group 3 - Mudchute 2013

The list below contains the name and details of all supporters/runners who are in this support group. 

Mrs Ziggy the Spider

Ziggy the Spider
Cooper 16
Lady Wot Jogs
Nick Wicks 2
Pip G
Tortoise Wins

The supporters need to know:

Forum name
Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum)
Race number
Estimated time to mile 17
What you'll be wearing
Any special needs*

*Special Needs - All reasonable requests will be catered for i.e. SIS/High 5 gel, banana, Jelly Babies, boiled sweets etc, even lager & Guiness have been requested before. To be sure we have what you need or for more obscure requests please leave items at the Runners World stand at the registration Expo. Supporters will be collecting them Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Items should be marked with: name, race number & support group number.

Location of Support area

With approx 40,000 runners it is almost impossible to pick out individuals as they pass, therefore its important you know where to spot us.

The support area is on the right hand side of the road at the pelican crossing by mudchute DLR station. There is a water station immediately after the 17 mile point, pelican crossing is immediately after the water station. I will post a close of google map/google earth image of the area with exact location shortly.

Supporters will be standing in sequential group order along the course. The area will be festooned with blue and yellow balloons so should be easy to spot, when you get to us, look out for the support group numbers and go over to your respective group.

Please use this thread to ask any questions and look out for further information which will be posted up until the race. 

Good luck everyone..



  • Aha - we have lift off

  • Oooh - you lucky lucky people- let's make it the best group - Bear will share her intimate marathon tips exclusively with you image

  • Sorry everyone but neither my wife or I will be able to make it.

    I've not been able to run since picking up an injury 3 weeks ago.


    I'll be deferring so I'll see some of you in 2014.


    I hope it all goes well for all of you.

  • Forum name - Mike Frog

    Name Mike

    Race number 3882

    Estimated time to mile 17 = maybe 2h 45m?

    What you'll be wearing - Crisis running top

    Any special needs - no

  • Hooray!!!

    Forum name: georginagem
    Name: Georgina
    Estimated time to mile 17: 2:45-3:00
    What you'll be wearing: Headway vest with my name on (will post pic when it arrives)
    Any special needs: No

  • Noted - so at this rate will be eating Jaffa Cakes and jelly bears all on my own imageimage.

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    *sneaks in to steal Bears jelly babies*

  • Apologies, not doing London now.  I slipped too far back with training after a fall at Christmas.  I will be helping on the finish line though so look forward to seeing you all there.

  • At this rate I'll need a suuport group to suuport me in eating the jelly babies etc.




    BBH's Support


  • At this rate group three supporters will be offering a one to one service

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Aha, so this is where you all are! I can help with jaffa cakes and alcohol but not jelly babies.
  • Who needs jelly babies, come to that who needs Jaffa Cakes, now alcohol..image

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Hi guys!  Just bouncing you back to the first page again.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    So, dear runners of Group 3 - apart from Mr Frog and georginagem - could you provide us with your estimated time of arrival at Mile 17, please? That way I can make sure that BBH is still upright and capable of handing out jellyjaffaalcohol.

  • Yes please runners - we need something to do

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I think the supporters on this group are going to have a very tiring day. "Tired and (ahem) emotional"image
  • To add to the info above...

    Runner number: 36373
    I'll be in a fluorescent yellow Headway vest with my name on!

    Thinking about food, something I love but have been denying myself in the marathon build up (because I can eat a whole box in one sitting) is Mr Kipling French Fancies. I'll bring some along to the expo on the proviso that a pink or yellow one is saved for me!

  • Hi Guys

    SuperCaz sent me along...


    Thanks for any support you can give me. I will be at mile 17 as soon as I can be... hoping for about 2:30 to mile 17.

    Will be in Pirate top

    Jelly Babies would be great.


    Thanks again


  • Jelly babies (or bears) it is and will try and restrain myself from the fondant fancies.

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Got a new runner for you by the name of Hellen.  Take good care of her for meimage

  • Hello, sorry to be a late comer. I am a bit disorganised

    I will be wearing a Macmillan green vest as will several others but my distinguishing feature will be my sky blue calf guards which have 'team 9bar' in them

    I keep changing my mind about time. If I am being sensible then I will be at mile 17 in around 2.15. It might be earlier if I decided to race it but I must not race, I must not race as I have my A race 2 weeks later.

    Jaffa cakes and maybe a few red or black jelly babies would be great

  • Just read the first page and see that you also need my real name - helen james

    And race number 29335
  • any one know what mr puffy will be wearing so i can throw my jellybabys at him
  • yeah he'll be in pink abit tarty looking like from kings x
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    That'll be easy to spot then...another fat hairy bloke in a pink tutu...
  • Sorry guys and girls,

    With a computer down and moving house i havent been on the bal when it comes to the forum.


    Forum name: TortoiseWins
    Name: Richard
    Race number  10376
    Estimated time to mile 17:   12.55-13.14
    What you'll be wearing:  A white DREAMS COME TRUE vest with purple and orange sides. Ill probably be the guy with a very white bald head and sunburnt face.

    Any special needs* no special needs, i'll have a couple of mates scattered around the course for SiS gels, ill leave a few with you guys at the expo on friday in case i miss a few mates. 

    Maybe some jelly beans or jelly babies



  • ah P.S ill have RICH on the front of my vest an TortoiseWins on the back image anyone about a the expo friday afternoon?

  • I'm planning to go first thing on Thursday.

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