Support Group 3 - Mudchute 2013



  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I think we'll be giving out huge hugs to absolutely anybody and everybody now.
  • Womble et al, have you got your sign organised?  Sorry to ask but I'm in panic mode this evening.

  • Supercaz excited image
  • Have large piece of cardboard and marker pen - will that do?

  • Just back from the expo. I left a box of fondant fancies for mile 17. Contrary to what I wrote on the note I expect to be there 2.45-3 hours. So excited now!!!!!!

  • Sounds acceptable Bear.  I have canes to attach it to

  • ermm sorry guys but I can't make it now unless those nice people at south western trains put a £60 refund back in my account as fast as they took both ticket fees out.  I can't afford to get to work at the moment.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Womble wrote (see)
    That'll be easy to spot then...another fat hairy bloke in a pink tutu...

    You might be surprised...

  • Oh Maddy!  I was looking forward to seeing you.

  • You never know they might do it over night but I am very pissed off at the imbalance between 2 transations that are identical except for the direction

  • What a plank! Got to expo, forgot to take my gels. Bought some gels, but dint have a bag or label to put them in. FAIL. Nevermind. I've set up enough with friends around the course, that I shouldn't need to pick any up at mudchute anyway. Thanks though guys.

    Just a big cheer will do for me image I'm the guy with 26.2 on his head lol
  • See you later guys!  x x x

  • Hello, jsut wanted to say thankyou for being there but somehow I managed to miss you, not sure how that happened, never missed RW before.  But thanks for the support anyway, hope you all had a good day and runners had a good run

    I ended up setting off a bit fast but that was OK I more or less held it and did a PB of 3.12.21 so was very pleased

  • hellen - I think I saw you, you looked right at me - I tried to attract your attention but too late.  Glad you got a pbimage.

  • oh dear , sorry, was quite ready for some jaffa cakes by that stage as well!

  • hi people just a short query what date is vlm 2014
  • 13 April 2014


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