Running Shoe Reccomendations for the Overweight Runner

Hi, I'm an overweight teenager (over 160 pounds) and I've just started running. My feet are size 8 and slightly flat. I over-pronate moderately, and I find that my ankles are often in a lot of pain. I also get large blisters on the inside of my feet. I am, and will be running on the treadmill only for the near future. I would be very greatful for any shoe reccomendations that anyone has, or any shoes/types to avoid! I don't want to spend more than £100. I've been looking at the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8 womens shoes and the Nike Lunarglide +4.

Thanks for reading.


  • If I was you, I'd go to somewhere like sweatshop (that's where I went) that does gate analysis and get professional advice. Sweatshop in Nottingham cured my shin splints almost over night.

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    If it's only on a treadmill I wouldn't waste money on posh trainers, you don't need any padding just something to stop your feet rubbing as you are going up and down in a treadmill not Tarmac / concerte etc... I'd look at any cheap pair of trainers you find comfy, cheep and cheerful should do for a treadmill?
  • Im going to a running shop tomorrow for a video gait analysis, I hope it goes well!

    I still think I want to get some better trainers as I feel my ankles need support and the overpronantion is causing me problems.

  • While it could be your shoes, your ankle pain could just be too much too soon.  No need to spend much more than £35 on running shoes if you don't want to, plenty of older and cheaper models out there and usually a sale on somewhere - most new shoes are just marketing to make you buy some more!

    I had the Lunarglide+4's and they were not very cushioned, I used them more in races than in training - the Lunareclipses were more cushioned and my preferred forgiving shoe for long runs for ages.  I also moderately overpronate (well one shop said I did, 2 others said other stuff and tried to sell me all sorts - I'm not sure I really believe in gait analysis anymore, but my own filming agreed with the first)

    I'm not sure you need specific shoes for your weight really - 160 lbs is not that much (I'm well over that by a good 25 lbs now and was another 25 more a year ago!) for size 8 feet considering I'm size 10 - so similar pressure on the ground.

    Maybe I'm not getting it - but running shoes do not support your ankles much at all (at least none I've ever worn), for that you need something more akin to a hiking boot?

    Invest in some socks that work better for you and there's always plasters/vaseline to prevent blisters.

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