Gair analysis - 3 different results

It had been a while since I'd bought a new pair of running shoes and I thought mine were getting almost to the point of needing replacement so I thought I would have my gait analysis checked again.  I was initially an over pronator.

I went into a specialist running shop near my workplace and they told me I was actually a neutral runner so needed a different pair of shoes.  For some reason I thought it strange that I had indeed changed so I went back to the running shop near my home that did my initial analysis and they told me I was still over pronating so needed the new version of my current shoes.  I decided to try a third shop to see if they agreed with one party of the other. They said I was a mild over pronator so recommended yet another pair of shoes which offered minor support!

So 3 specialist running shops, 3 different resuits and 3 different shoe recommendations, 2 Asics and 1 Saucony.  What do I do?

Suggestions anyone?


  • if you have been running fine in your existing shoes, then just stick with the newer version of those

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  • It's all b******s anyway. Just get what feels the most comfortable

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Sounds like two of the analyses were essentially similar, but maybe one shop wanted to flog you a different shoe that does the same job?  Anyway, stick with what you know if it ain't injuring you.

  • Did you see the video where they draw an angle from your ankle? Did they give the same angle in each shop?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Go see your GP, your over pronation has not healed, you're still at terrible risk of buying the wrong shoes. Ask for your money back and call 'injury lawers 4U'.

  • So that's how you've got free shoes for the last 20 years eh RicF?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Seth 1972 wrote (see)

    So that's how you've got free shoes for the last 20 years eh RicF?

    More likely to accept a hit to the wallet regarding a pair of wrong un's. 

    I can recall a number of shoes worn once or twice before ending up in the bin. Win some lose some.

  • Thanks for all of the responses.  I certainly agree about the shop trying to sell me something else that does the same job.  They are a big, well known running shop who's name I won't mention but I couldn't see anything different in their video to the others.  I didn't fancy taking the plunge and spending another circa £100 on the wrong shoes though.  As the majority have suggested I shall stick to the type I have been running in.

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