Something very much like Nike Air Pegasus +28 ??????



I am on my last pair of Nike Pegasus +28. I love this shoe. Nike have discontinued and the 29's don't feel right. Does anyone know of any shoe very similar to the pegasus +28?






  • Vomero 7 according to the comments on this blog post:

    However, in another thread one member says that the statement that Vomero remind of earlier versions of the Pegasus is not true. May be worth checking out though.


  • Thanks for that. They sound close to it. I will give them a try. image
  • I have 2pairs of 29's that I've rotated over winter while marathon training, I'm not keen on them either. I'm also stuck which way to go, I'm a neutral forefoot striker and the alternatives are not great! Vomero are good, think they stabalise achillies more although not 100%, Adidas SuperNova Glide look good but I believe they do encourage heal strike.


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