Run the F1 Monaco Grand Prix circuit

Looks like I'll be close to Monaco later this year (well after the GP).  I'd love to drive in early one morning and run the F1 circuit.  I've looked at it on Google maps/view thing and it all looks possible.  A good few junctions and even a car park.  Anyone done it?  Any advice?  Three laps with the final lap being spent stopping and taking pictures?


  • I've walked it, but once the barriers are down and the grandstands are removed around the swimming pool it doesn't look or feel like it does on race day
  • I've run the Monaco marathon, it starts in monaco follows the track until you leave town then off to Italy and back...

    On another holiday (the ex's dad lives down the road) we wen to Monaco one week after the race with barriers still up and walked the entre course. I'd say you could run it but there are some very sharp narrow points - that aren't expressed enough on the tv - you have to be there to realise how sharp the last hairpin is before the tunnel. So you'd need to take care, but otherwise, no different to any other french town.

  • I'd recommend catching the train in. Down the steps from the station and your at the start/finish straight.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I've walked around it. It's easy to do, but the tunnel section would be far better with the roar of an F1 engine behind you. Maybe you could make vroom vroom noises as you run through it!

  • Thanks everyone.  Eggyh73, I wonder if a recording of an F1 race played through my music-player would make it more exciting, or would it just make me that bit outside normal?

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