GPS signal strength

Have been using my mobile phone with gps via map my run but of late have found picking up a signal a problem. Does anyone know do the Garmin/timex watches have more powerful gps receivers than that in mobile phones?


  • I've never had a problem with my phones. Do you run by tall buildings ?
  • sounds wierd but try a different app?

    i have used Runkeeper mostly but sometimes find that with Endomondo the GPS picks up quicker. (no idea why)

  • I was using run keeper on my phone, but had to go into the Navigation app for my phone's GPS to pick up my location before going into Runkeeper. Bit of a pfaff and still took a good few minutes, but at least it worked!
  • Your phone uses 3G. A watch would use GPS. It's different technology. Both Garmin and Soleus GPS watches have worked well for me.
  • Nope. Phones have inbuilt GPS receivers so they track location. 

  • Thx for all comments image have now purchased a Garmin 110 will be out

    tomorrow testing it....


  • My Garmin 205 normaly only varies by .05 of a mile over a marathon (urban) and that could be my line.  even in trees it works very accuratly

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