Training For a 10k sub 40mins

Hi all 

Im looking to do a 10k in sub 40mins or under my previous two 10k runs were 45 and 43mins i train twice a week with a running club with one day being a decent paced 6-10 mile run with some hills involved i normally do 7 miles with my most recent run being timed at 50mins for 7.85 miles. I do speed sessions on the other day between 20x200 16x400 12x600 8x800 5x1500 it varies between weeks. I find these quite tough and rewarding i normally do two runs a week out with my club to do slow run from 6-10 miles these a slow paced runs normally an hour.

Im more or less wondering if anyone can guide me or help me with training out with my running club ie what speed to be running at etc or hill sprints etc.






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    Hi Mark,

    This thread:

    is a good sub 40 minute 10k thread.  There are a few running under 40 minutes and a couple of us aiming for sub-40 minutes.  Some good training tips etc. in there! image

  • Hi Mark, I've managed to get my time down simply by increasing my mileage. The catalyst for this has been training for the Brighton marathon....I've raced in 4 10ks this year going from 41:28 down to sub 39 with progress made in each race. I don't think I'm that much faster but definitely have more stamina to hold on with a more consistent pace without blowing up at 6/7k into a sub 40 attempt. I've managed to fit some speed work in too...mile reps, random reps at my club (12 sets overall ranging from 250 to 400 metres), some tempo runs and tried to run a few hard Parkruns on non PB courses which have helped to improve the stamina. The speed work sessions look good (nice to mix them up a bit too!). Mile reps is another good one to add as well. I'm probably doing too much quality work even now but so far everything seems to have worked reasonably well for me. Looks like a good thread too Calum!
  • Cheers guys i'll check it out.

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