Hip pain stopping me running!!

Hi to all the people on runners world uk! So glad there's a site like this up as I'm in desperate need of your knowledge!

My name is Andy I live in sunny Scotland and having not long passed my 30th Bday and with a real lack of work in my area with a kid on the way I decided to sign up to join the Royal Navy to provide a good start for my soon to be family image, hence why I started getting into training again though I seem to have run up against some problems and could really use your knowledge on this one.


So the problems start: About six weeks ago now (give or take a few days) while out on a run I felt sharp pains shooting up my right hamstring which brought my running to a stand still though I was still able to walk. Thankfully though this has since healed but at the time it made me to limp heavily on my left leg which has caused some form of injury to my hip which I cannot pinpoint!

I have been to my local GP who was insistent that there was no need for me to see a physiotherapist, threw pain pills at me and told me to go on my merry way. I even went as far as to tell them about my ongoing application for the navy to which she replied "well if the problem still persists when you get there then they will have the facillities to deal with it" which quite honestly shocked me at there lack of caring, not that she's wrong mind you as they would have the facilities there but I think they would rather just medically discharge you to save themselves the hassle.


Anywho more details on the injury itself: The pain itself only occurs when I try to go faster than a mild walk i.e. when I pick up my walking pace there is a bit of discomfort often leading to me eventually forming a limp but if I try to break out in a light jog thats when the fun starts with sharp pains shooting around the hip joint from the inner groinal area around to just under my left buttock, in addition to this the pain at times also shoots down my thigh...not far though only around a 5th of the way.


I've never had this kind of injury before in my life! Sure I've had injuries before but nothing more serious than a groin strain when I was still in high school. With my navy training being put on hold so close to being called up for basic training I'm actually starting to worry quite a bit as you can no doubt tell by the time on this post 03:30am image


I really hope someone here can help me, even if it's just a little I couldn't honestly tell you how much it would mean.


Sorry for the novel I just wrong lol I just feel that too much info would be better than too little.


Thank you in advance.




  • In my basic layman terms - sounds to me like a trapped nerve. Do you warm up/warm down.

    I also live in Scotland (Cumbernauld). Spent 20yrs in the Army - running in BOOTS! I have damaged knees. I only started running again a year ago - after walking for 6 months - mainly to lose weight. I suffered injuries - and in hindsight they were caused by not wrming up. Seems the older you get (I'm 57) the more important it is to warm up. I've also recently changed my shoes from New Balance to Brooks Beast - what a improvement to comfort they made.

    You don't mention your fitness 'history'. But it's best to start slowly if you have not done any running before. I certainly put my niggling pains down to my age, but then went to a 'proper' running shop and tried the Brooks Beasts - which (for me) have massively reduced my aches and pains.

  • hey man thanks for the reply. running in boots...ouch.


    I admit that there were one or two occassions where I didn't take the full time to warm up and was more a case of some quick stretching before I ran out the door...bit too keen I think, something I'm paying the price for now.


    Fitness history: Very active in my youth all the way through to my mid 20's with such things as football, swimming, golf (?), cycling, running and regularly attending my local gym where I'd use the running machine and rowing machines extensively as well as lifting weights.

    Unfortunitely around the age of 26 I was working more and more therfor neglecting the majority of my exercising though still able to get out running almost daily even if it was just a couple of miles but everything stopped early 2010 after I had an operation on my left elbow to decompress a trapped ulner nerve...just couldn't get the motivation together to get out there again.


    Will definitly make a point in checking out the Brooks Beast's when I gather the funds together. At the minute I'm using Everlast Run II's they are cheap, comfortable though just don't feel right...if you know what I mean?


    So if this is a trapped nerve you wouldn't have any particular streches or exercises you could recommend trying out to see if they help would you?


    Cheers again for the reply m8!



  • Slight update, yesterday after I stood up  from resting my leg I felt the nerver "Twang" back into place!


    Thing is though I still have pain in the immediate area ...is that normal? Will it last long?


    Not really sure what I should do with regards to exercising...should I hold off doing light exercises or should I add it into my daily stretching?



  • I have a similar pain in my hip after doing the Great South Run (despite running for about 5 years), my doc also threw painkillers at me and said that it would heal itself.  I have been having sports massage which helps, plus insoles in my shoes to stop me over-pronating.  Yoga has also been a great help to stretch it all out, not sure if any of this will help you but worth a try?

    Good luck with your injury!  I am desperate to get out running again.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply sorry to hear your going through a similar problem and hope your pain goes away sooner rather than later.


    I'll look into what you mentioned..will have to do some research on them to see where I can have the theropy done in my area and what kind of price they are too of course.


    Again thanks for the info again and good luck with your injury, hope you get out running again soon.

  • Andy, it could be an overuse injury. I've been training for London and after a long run about a month ago, I've had a pain in my right groin area that shoots down my thigh down to my ankle. Resting it helps but it soon comes back after running for about a mile.

    I thought it was a trapped nerve but I had a similar problem on my left side last year and an MRI scan showed a bulging disc. The pain is probably linked to my back again and increasing my pace and distance has lead to everything being overused. I'm starting physio again this week. I use a foam roller to stretch and I cross train on my bike to keep fitness levels up. Swimming is excellent too or the cross trainer at the gym.

    Hope you get it sorted soon as I know how frustrating injuries are.
  • I too thought I had a trapped nerve after the marathon last year during which my hip flexor muscles broke down completely - the problem stemmed from weak glutes in the end.  So lots of clam exercises (find a vid on you tube), squats and some foam rollering.


    Good luck!

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