Can anyone recommend a good Half Ironman distance race?

Can anyone recommend a good Half Ironman distance race for towards the end of this year. Maybe September?




  • Vitruvian - always the 1st Saturday in September.  has won race of the year many times (I've done it 5x) and is one of the UK's top half IM races.  great event but sells out very quickly

    or Challenge Henley Half on the same day as the full distance - 8th

    EDIT - just noticed that the Vit is 31/8 this year

  • i'm looking at the brutal half in September.....

    bit hilly though!


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    What sort of location ? Good as in fast ? good as in hard ? good as in well organised ? good as in nice scenery ?

  • Be interesting to know if the game has changed at all. With all this competition and new events, I wonder if the old timer faves (Vit, Bala etc) are still up there?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    there are lots more races nowadays, so there's lots to pick from.

  • This one been moved forward in the month this year to enable it to fit for people racing IMW or Henley, so is the 11th Aug - but the Cotswold Classic is a great one

  • Thanks all. The Vitruvian lloks like a great event and still appearst to have places available

  • Im doing the Vitruvian as my first HIM! Although im sure it sold out in a couple of days... unless they have released more places!?
  • im doing the vit again - great race and cool goody bag if htats your thing - last year was a long sleeved bike thingy, the year before was a bike gillet. it always sells out straight away but always has spaces throughout hte year due to drop outs. do it - its great


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