Dead Soleus

Hi all,

I'm running Brighton again in less than two weeks.

I did a quick-ish 5 miles last wednesday but pulled up near the end with what felt like a calf strain.

I've now localised the pain to the soleus muscle, which still feels tights and bruised.

I've not run since but have managed to cross train using my turbo trainer without pain. I've iced a lot, then had warm baths.

Should I stretch at all? and could this be related to a tight achilles? I always seem to have issues with achilles.

I also wore my low heeled trainers which no doubt added to the cause.

Any help/advice would be appreicated. I'm getting desperate now. March was a write off through illness and then this injury.


  • Hi Gaz,


    My soleus muscles are my achilles heel. I've had lots of trouble in the past.

    When I saw a physio a couple of years ago because I couldn't run on them - one worse than the other but both painful to run on, he prescribed stretching and strengthening them 3 times a day and a gradual return to running over a couple of weeks. Had to take one week off completely. It worked, but they still play up occassionally

    When stretching the soleus you need to have your knee slightly bent (unlike for the gastro), you'll feel the difference. Strengthening was to rise up onto balls of both feet, lift one just off the floor, slowly lower the supporting heel down (on a step so it goes low if you can), then rise up on both balls again.

    Hope you sort it. I reckon I have problems because I have short calves compared to the rest of me - just a theory though image



  • Thats great thanks. Will try that. Wasn't sure whether to stretch or not.

    I think I did the damage last Sunday running in the snow. Calves were very painful and then cramp kicked in.

    Wednesdays run just tipped my right side over the edge.

    Was also thinking of getting some KT tape on it?

  • Tried a little jog again last night as it felt ok. Agony. Maybe game over. image

  • I had this just at the end of last year. Kept hobbling through runs thinking it was a calf strain. I went to see a chiropractor who felt it was the soleus. He did some 'stripping' of the muscle which was excruciating as it was so tight. It left me black and blue! A noticeable difference that following week and he advised to keep running but lots of stretching (as described above). I had one setback about 4 weeks later but some more 'stripping' out of the muscle and stretching out it feels better than ever. Have done a few 8-10 mile runs and not a tweak!
  • when i got a calf strain [ i am now only running short distances slowly and carefully ] , i followed my physio's advice with the following exercises - soleus stretch - 3 x a day , 50 calf raises [ both calves]x3 a day , 30 single calf raises x3 a day and sitting on a chair and raising each leg and my head , then lowering 3 times , 3 times a day . this has helped immensely . i am also doing 'eccentric' calf raises as well using a machine  at my gym . 

    i was told not to push it in a hurry as well .

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