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Hi guys just wanted some general advice im doing the plymouth Half on 28th april, it will be my 1st half marathon. I have been running since january doing 3-4 runs a week. I have had problems through the training with my left knee but since i changed my trainers 4 weeks ago it seems to have eased off which is great news. I have done 2 lond runs over past 2 sundays 1st sunday i ran 9 mile in 1.14.52 which i felt ok, this weekend i done 12 miles which had more hills in the route and i ran it in 1.42.46 which i felt ok upto 11 miles, i felt pretty tired then but finished the 12 miles. I did feel i could push the last 1.1 mile but dont want to over do it. Ive rested yesterday and will do the same today as legs feel bit sore but i will run 5 miles tommorow easy the probably do 6 miles on friday with tempo work in that run. I will then hopefully have another crack at the 12 mile route again on sunday. My diet is ok at the moment but chocolate and diet coke is my downfall but i may cut it out all together now till after the race but from what ive wrote do u think im ready for it or is there anything else that i could do to prepare better for it maybe as i am a novice. thanks for reading


  • well done for getting out there and running 12 miles. If you can run 12 miles, then running a half marathon is in the bag for sure. The race day adrenaline, crowd support and general excitment of running with others will carry you that final 1.1 miles so don't worry.

    the more and more you run long, the more and more your body will build endurance and get used to it and soon enough 12 miles will feel easy. thats why long runs should be part of every runners weekly schedule so keep it up after the HM.

    Good luck and well done on the Half Marathon PB

  • Hi guys thanks for your replys im glad u think im doing ok, ive set 2 hours as a target so anything under that will be a bonus. I used to play football twice a week before xmas but since ive started running i really enjoy it. I will continue after the race and im planning already to run the plymouth 10k in november, i will continue to run 3 times a week with a long run of 10 miles plus every sunday.  I'm glad diet coke is ok i dont feel so bad now, but chocolate lol. My problem is i need to drink more water and maybe eat more carbs possibly !

  • While im on my thread does my diet look ok or if anything needs changing could you please advise me thanks

    Breakfast - bowl shreddies - red milk

    snack - banana

    Lunch - 2 x salad and cheese wraps

    snack  - banana

    Tea - mixed veg with chicken breast/ steak with sweet potato and salad or 2 jackets with baked beans


    Water - how much should i be drinking a day not to sure ?



    Also the week leading up to the race what training should i do, nothing or just little bits


    thanks for your time

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