deletion of atheism thread

Interesting to see that a thread on atheism is pulled, but people spouting bible quotes is allowed to stay. Seems a bit too much like censorship for my liking.


  • God moves in mysterious ways!

  • Nothing to do with the photo of the Bishop's Mitre thenimage

  • The reason that the thread was deleted was probably because of that disgusting image of a penis that someone uploaded on to it.

    Some people always have to post something that spoils it for everyone else.

  • It was LardArse.

  • Well if you boys can't play nicely then they have no choice but to take your toys away

  • I agree that it was probably to do with the offensive picture, but could they not have deleted the post rather than the whole thread?

  • I'm wondering though  - is a photo of a penis really an offensive thing if it isn't doing anything to anybody?

    If nudity per se isn't necessarily sexual then why should an unclothed wang be?


  • It's not appropriate though. People don't come on here expecting to see that.

  • Rickster: I agree that the post was inappropriate.

    Screamapillar: Your point, I think, is about who is offended and why? It is not a disimillar argument to the recent discussions about swearing on the forum. Where is the boundary drawn on such issues?

  • the usual argument put up by RW Towers for cazzing a thread or deleting a post is that this is an open forum that can be read by anyone of any age of any persuasion - note I say read as you have to be a member to post.

    that means kids, scammers, trolls, pervs, right wingers, religious loonies i.e. absolutley anyone with internet access can read the forums so RW usually play safe by deleting something that might cause offence to someone or their parent/friend/guardian/god/whatever....

    which is usually good enough to see the back of any decent thread that doesn't offend most on here...image

  • if several people quoted the picture so it appeared more than once they might have thought it was easier to delete the whole thread that go and remove several posts and then the thread might not make sense........

    I would expect them to inform the person who posted the photo and the person who started the thread of their reasons...

    but i might be wrong as i haven't had a thread cazzed,,,,,,,,,,,

  • They could have deleted just that post, or the image, rather than the whole thread, though?


  • but wilkie.others posted the piccie on there under the quote function..........which would have remained

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    "you have to be a member"

    I see what you did there, fb ...

  • I came very close to appending somerthing to that comment when I wrote it Mutts but I thought that someone would pick up on it anyhoo...image

  • Why is deleting a thread on here called cazzing? I've often wondered about that. image

  • That penile picture... was it the poster's own?

  • Anyway, I think that the photo was highly offensive, and as people have already pointed out, there may well be children looking at this site.

  • Half of the child population apparently have a penis. This thread certainly has as at least one huge penis.

  • Seren Nos are you being disingenuous. I only recall seeing the picture posted once. Other posters mentioned the picture (in terms of disapproval). I don't recall seeing it reposted.  

  • Rickster wrote (see)

    Why is deleting a thread on here called cazzing? I've often wondered about that. image

    in the very early days of this forum, the first person to have a complete thread deleted was called Caz - hence cazzing.  I remember her - she and her other half, Daz, were also I think the 1st pair to get married as a result of meeting via this forum, and went on to have at least 2 kids.  neither have been around these parts for a long time now.

  • Ah thanks. image

  • Are the kids called Baz and Naz?

  • Peter Collins wrote (see)

    Are the kids called Baz and Naz?

    not far wrong - not sure if it was those names but it was of a similar theme....image  

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