south wales open water swimming



  • when i swam last winter......i found it was too cold when i got out to strip out of my wetsuit in the open air......

    so i drove home each time in my wetsuit and stripped off in my bathroom straight into the bath.


    I used to think I would struggle to explain the rubber if i got stopped on the drive home by the police

  • Seren I was thinking about maybe going to chepstow quarry one weekend soon. They have showers and a cafe

  • and no snow.......if they are open and you are going///.let me know and I will give it a try

  • Hi,

    I know this thread is old. I don't live far from Radyr weir where you are talking about, so may jump in next year when it warms up.

    Anyone know if you can swim in the river by Llandaff rowing club up stream along Hailey Park? It looks like you could probably swim about 1km up stream so could get a good bit of outdoor swiming practice in... image

  • not sure that you can go in by the llandaff rowing club as its there stretch and you would have to be very careful of the weir......image

  • Yep, I'd stay clear of the rowing club too, it would only antagonise them. Best place is where Serena swim, next weir up.
  • Ok thanks for the advice, I'll prob just go up by Radyr weir when it warms up.

    Does the rowing club have right on that stretch of river. I wouldn't antagonise them , I'd be staying well away.image




  • if you want to swim with someone just let me know.i'm always up for a paddle in the Taff

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