New to running, need to know if I am on right track!

Hi all, 

Until recently, I have never done any long distance running, well in fact, no running. I went out for a 5k run with my mates couple of weeks ago and I loved it! I was shattered yes, time was poor and my body went dead for couple of days! But boy was it fun!

Anyway I've got some proper running gear now, I have set myself some targets. I am looking to do 5k three times a week until I feel comfortable for a park run.  

I am 31, male. 

My first ever 5k run was 28.22 and my second was 29.33. I was very surprised with my second run as it felt fast but the time showed otherwise, never mind!  

I know the time is not great but I am hungry to get it down as much as possible! 


Anyone know how long before I should really start seeing a dip in my PB? 


  • Don't go blasting all of your runs - you'll get injured. Take two of your runs and take them nice and steady - a pace you could chat at. Then if you want to - you can push it on one run a week. If you're racing all of the time your body struggles to adapt and get stronger.

    And if you're looking to do parkruns then running over distance will help you with your endurance and you won't fade towards the end.

    Well done on getting started !
  • Cheers for the advice! I do not really push it on any of the runs image - I get knackered if I do try to push.

    I'm hoping as you mentioned with time, I should adapt and get stronger. 

  • Parkruns everywhere have runners with times ranging from 16 mins up to late 30s so its as good a place as any to find your feet, you would be fine with 28mins, relax, forget about times and see how you go

  • There's a park run happening at my local park every saturday (by I'm looking to enter soon. I just want to get a bit more confident and comfortable with my running. Thanks!

  • haha, exactly! I'm hoping to get around 25mins before I enter one.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Don,t worry about your times, I help my local park run and regularly run the sweeper role, people regularly come in over 40 mins , so you should,nt worry your times are great for a newby image

  • I just did a new PB yesterday for my 5k. I managed to do it in 27.12 and felt great afterwards, body seems to be coping well! This time round, I pushed it a bit hard for the first km and then took it easy for the remainder. 

    Hopefully my first parkrun is not too far away now! 

  • I would honestly go the other way. Start slow and then absolutely blitz the last k or so. It's somehow easier to keep that higher pace going a bit longer when you know the end is soooo close. Well done though. I dipped under 25 for the first time the other day so I know how you must be feeling.

  • i do running on my own so i find it difficult to really push in the last km. hopefully when my endurance improves then il look to do short bursts and see how i do.
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