Freckleton Half-Marathon

So who is up for this one this year?

If you've been before you'll know it's a cracking day out with loads to do for the family while we run round the countryside.

It's one of those that fills up fast so be aware of that.

It looks like I'll be marshalling or helping out this year because I cracked my collarbone last week and the doctors reckon I'll be three months before I can get back to running.

But I'll be there one way or anotherimage



  • Bumping this to the top image
  • Yep , entered for the first time this year on the recommendation of others I know who have done it. Sounds like a nice event, without the hype and expensive of many other HMs!
  • That's the way we like to do things at Freckleton.

    All the organisation, atmosphere and fun of the big city races, with the friendliness you get at smaller events.

    I'm sure you'll have a great day out. Bring the family too, there's lots for them to see and do while you'ree out on the course.

  • This sounds great.Going to enter this one as sounds really nice.

    Done Liverpool half a few times but missed it this year so trying some new races.

    looking forward to it.

  • You'll have a great time Ian
  • Cheers Brian.See you there soon.

  • I want to do this but meant to be doing a full marathon following weekend. If I just took it easy for this do you think it would have a big impact?

  • You should be OK if you a disaplined enough to take it easy.

  • I've done this three times now and it's been a lovely day out each time  -  very well organised and very friendly  -  particularly the lovely lady with the hosepipe sprinkler standing at her garden gate.  Ace mementoes at the end and the only reason that I'm not doing it again this year is that there's a new ruling against ipods etc. (Although I know in some people's eyes this actually stops me from being able to call myself a runner  -  I find running without music really hard.)  My problem though, not anyone else's so it doesn't stop it being being a great day out if music isn't your thing image

  • Nice race but not for me this year. Never too keen on the PM start and potential heat! Must do it for the 50th one. When is that?

  • The 50th race will be at 2pm on Sunday 22nd June

    Lilytoo, there isn't aban on music devices. The race web site says we would rather you didn't wear a music device because you MUST be able to hear traffic and marshal instructions. It is inredible how many runners are comletey oblivious to these two important factors because their music is too loud.

    But they aren't banned


  • Kevin, use it only as a long SLOW run, 30 secs per mile slower than your intended marathon pace.

    It will be good practice for disciplining yourself for the following week

  • Is 50 th next year then?

  • Thanks for the clarification Brian  -  I must have misunderstood the official person (not you) a couple of years ago when I arrived who told me to take my ipod off or I wouldn't be allowed to start!  I suggested that I could just have an earphone in one ear but he told me that I might try to be smart and get around the rules like that but that if I was seen then my time wouldn't count and I wouldn't be allowed to enter again.  Took the ipod off as I was told and did my worst time ever!  We live and learn  image

  • The 50th race is indeed in 2014 ET.

    Lilytoo, a couple of years ago we were pre-empting a decision from UKA that never transpired.

    More and more races are banning music devices because people haven't been sensible.

    As usual it will be the minority who spoil it for the majority. It will only take on music-wearer who has their music too loud, doesn't hear a vehicle or an instruction,    to cause an accident, an all race organisers will have to review the situation.

    Hope this helps


  • Aha!  Not to worry  -  it's a lovely race all the same.

  • Noooo! I'm too slow in entering. Does anyone know of any spare places going for this year's? A race that fills up this early must be a pretty decent run. I'm more than a little gutted image

  • This happened to my husband a couple of years agho and we were able to get a number exchange when we got there from someone who wasn't able to do it.  We went to the organisation tent and they sorted it for him.  Good luck  -  it's certainly worth doing  image

  • Hi if anyone is not able to run i am looking for a place. I will pay in full and let the orgaisers know of any changes many thanks chris.

  • This will be my first half marathon / distance race. Looking forward to it with just a little bit of trepidation.

  • To G of the bang- I have just decided to pull out so will be looking to sell my entry. Happy to transfer over, I have looked on the website and it appears pretty easy although we need to do by 9th June. If you are still interested let me know on

  • Hi vw thanks for getting in touch but I have just been offered a place from the race  organisers maybe you could ask them to put your number on the waiting list once again thanks Chris

  • Ok no problem Enjoy the race it's normal good one. If anyone else wants a place let me know.

  • yes, back again after a couple of years out (knee operation)

    Brian, have all the runners been contacted with their numbers? I have had my email but my friend hasn't yet she says that her entrance fee was accepted some time ago

  • vw1 - my friend may need that place as she hasn't had confirmation of her number. Is it still available? I've emailed Wesham (I believe they organise the race) and am waiting for a response

  • Constable-d. Number still available.

  • vw

    i've messaged Brian to see if he can shed some light - my friend has re-emailed as well. can i get back to you tomorrow to confirm? - that or i will pass your details on to my friend re purchasing your number

    thanks for your help


  • Ok no problem you can contact me on email.

  • Freck half is not a wesham race and brian is no longer a member so you will better contacting the race organiser if you have any problems.
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