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  • It doesn't seem fair unless they are going to give lighter people a partial refund on their ticket price. Like hairdressers that try to charge a supplement if you have long hair ... they don't have a reduced rate for people with short hair.

  • I fly little planes.

    Too damn right you need to weigh your passengers and luggage, especially if you are going to be near the edges of the permitted limits. However, I don't do this every time. I calculate what the plane can take and where they must sit (that's important) so I have a ball park idea. I know that 4 big blokes in the plane means that I'll not be able to take 4 tanks full of fuel. I also know that a petite pilot flying solo will make the plane out of balance, (tail heavy/ nose light) but I don't have that problem.
    The plane crash in Virginia, had three problems as reported. Over weight, tail heavy, and incorrectly rebuilt by maintenance. They found that any one of these problems would have been survivable, because engineers are always asked to design with factors of safety. All three? Toast.
    I have flown a plane with the rigging all wrong and it's scary. I've seen a few overweight planes take off, and was glad I wasn't on board. The biggest one was a DC8 freighter out of Manchester. That must have been very very very close to a fireball.

    Personally I am FULLY in favour of the motion as proposed.

  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    i am not a parcel!

    Correct Dude.

    You are in fact known in the trade as SELF LOADING FREIGHT.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Self loading freight. Like it image
  • I don't like flying anyway. I'm driving to Cornwall in a couple of weeks - naturally I'm dieting like crazy as petrol is getting really expensive!

  • They wouldn't need to weigh anyone at the airport, a simple, cheap, weighing device linked to a cental control unit could be placed in every seat. It could weigh you at various times though out the flight to get an average, then as someone else pointed out they simply deduct this sum from your credit/debit card when you land. These units would soon recoup there initial cost given the volume of flights in the world.

    Self checkin would still be valid, all you would need is a definite seat number, which would be linked to your bill, no extra staff needed. They would advertise the price of the flight per kilo or whatever at the point of sale so you know the cost, if you lie about your weight tough.

    Dude.. airways are business, they're not trying to help you, you're just cattle, if you buy a joint of beef you pay by weight...

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    This is my favourite overloaded take-off - the "vodka burner is rolling" image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    It took me seven flights before I landed with the aircraft.

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)
    Peter Everitt wrote (see)

    I don't like flying anyway. I'm driving to Cornwall in a couple of weeks - naturally I'm dieting like crazy as petrol is getting really expensive!

    Stick your car in neutral when going on long downhill runs.


    Oh dear - rookie tightwad error! You keep the car in gear on downhills and take your foot off the accelerator - virtually no fuel used and much safer!

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