Any difference in Ladies/Junior trainers?

Hi. Looking for some advice - I wear a size 5.5 trainer and always had the ladies style. I have found a pair the same size and model as my usual brand but they're a junior shoe and wondered if anyone knows if there's any difference? Thanks in advance


  • Dunno, ask the person in the shop ?
  • Thanks. They're on eBay tho... :/
  • Usually it's just tax ! Kids products have no tax, so are cheaper,

    the shoes won't be technically poorer quality as they are junior version. Good quality sports shoes will do their job regardless of kids/adults

    my girl has netburners
  • iPod gave up on typing !

    I was going to say her netburners - asics- trainers are junior size but same quality ,

    try googling the brand/ model of shoe and see what you find, but I doubt any real difference
  • I've bought youth's Nike trainers and Kicker shoes - both were slightly smaller / narrower than the adult version.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ive worn Nike junior lunarglides for past year or so. they are narrower and fit better, cetainly got me through a lot of miles so cant be that bad! cheaper too!

  • Often, there is a difference.  As children are usually lighter than grown women with the same shoe size, they use different densities of cushioning, are usually more flexible and sometimes have less support.  Of course, how much difference this makes is debatable.

    Asics children's shoes are nothing like the adult versions.  If you want me to bore you with the details, just let me know! image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    discount runner...if you are the size and weight of an 11/12 year old then the fact they have less cushioning is fineimage

  • Junior shoes are despecced compared to adult shoes plus the VAT.

    Doesn't mean they're not suitable but they are different.

  • Loulabell - that's why I said "usually"! image  I also said that the difference is debatable - you'll always find someone (usually a minimal shoe wearer) who will tell you that extra support cushioning either makes no difference or is actually worse!  Each to their own - I just wish I could get VAT-free shoes!

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