Replacing Endomondo


I've fallen out of love with Endomondo. They've removed some functionality (PB tracking over time) that used to be free (well actually they charged for it) and moved it to a higher pay band (which is a subscription)

Anyway, it's not cool so I'm switching allegiances and I want to get my sister to move too (so anything I select will need to be good or I'll be nagged)

I'm happy to spend money on a wrist worn thing too.

Must have

Business model that is not based on taking stuff away and then trying to make you feel pikey for not upgrading


Music interrupted to give every kilometre pace

Stats (PB, PB over time, km/week/month/year)

Social sharing

Good phone GPS (I run outside of city in Melbourne so it tends to work ok normally)

Nice to have

Heart rate integration

Foot cadence

Speed, cadence, heart rate alerts (too low too high etc)




  • runkeeper has your 'must have' features, but not 'nice to have', though there are gadgets you can pair with it

  • Why not use Nike's app? it's now very good, some of the features it lacks I manipulate in it's brilliant for anything stats wise and can import Nike and Garmin runs.


  • Get yourself a garmin and move to fetcheveryone - totally free, and you can analyse your data in so many ways. Join in the fun of "fetchpoint", "utmost" and "conquercise" games. You can listen to your own music if you must and a watch can beep.

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