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I foolishly signed up for a triathlon in the desperate attempt to lose weight. However I have since realised that beginners do the sprint and I am doing the standard. I have 11 weeks to go and am 3 stone overweight. I have lost a stone so far and have gone from not being able to run at all to getting to 3.7miles in 46 minutes. I swim breaststroke and can do the distance in an hour, but I am desperately trying to crack front crawl with head in water (I always thought I was a good swimmer until I tried to do it properly). Cycling is ok again not fast but I have a crap bike that of course I will change. Now I am happy to come last and even to be a hour behind the second to last person, it will be such a personal achievement for me, but my concern is the organisers and stewards being hacked of with me for being so unprofessional and slow. Should I pull out!


  • I know nothing about tri events but there must be a time limit. So long as you can do it within the time then there won't be a problem with the marshalls.

    good luck 

  • Whiich triathlon is it? My first was also Olympic, being overweight with not enough training and the swim took me an hour.. but I got through it and loved it and that spurred me on to lose 3.5 stone over the next 2 years and then do an Ironman.

    By the sound of it you'll be fine but if you're worried then contact the organisers to see if there is a time limit. 

    Pull out? No.. hopefully you'll finish, be drawn in by the atmosphere and cameraderie, be rightfully proud of yourself and then want another go!



  • Triathlon is for all abilities - don't you dare pull out !image

    You can check the results for last years event online but you'll be a lot faster on race day than in practice plus you have 11 weeks to get faster too.

    Enjoy the race.
  • Feeling much more positive thank you for support. It is the Brett tri in Ashford. I have managed 4miles today in 52 mins.
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    Hi All,

    Debbie Munro. Let the officials think what they want to think. This is your personal challege, and you will make it round I'm sure of that.

    Have you tried to switch to the novice triathon? Will they not let you chang?

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