Strava - Tracking Progress

I joined Strava a few weeks ago and think it's excellent.

Does anyone else use it?


  • Yes I use it, but I'm not really getting a lot out of it to be honest. I find all the online stuff rather limiting - Strava, Daily Mile, Garmin Connect etc.

    I use Sporttracks offline, which is brilliant and tend to back up to the Run Saturday website, though my shiny new Garmin 910xt uploads to Garmin Connect automatically so I guess that's going on. Every now and then I'll link my Garmin to Strava and do a dump just for the hell of it, look at any segments etc.  but I can't really see value in it for me as a way to track progress.

    I guess I'm just too wedded to Sporttracks.image

  • I like to see my slow improvements on local sections. When I first started uploading I was always near the bottom of the lists. I'm climbing up some of them image

    I find it quite motivating, especially as there are segments leading practically to my front door, so I still want to push on right at the end of a ride
  • I use it all the time, I think it is great, especially when you get a KOM.

    Just been beaten on 1 hill by a 1 Second, lost my KOM, makes me determined to get it back

    i think anything is good if it works as a motivational tool

    Its also good to see how you match up to some decent riders

  • I use it all the time, mainly just as a log but segment hunting can be fun.  I've had a few runs that have basically been segment interval sessions, going from one to the next.

    It's handy to see how other people are doing, for example Gladys ran 9 miles the other day that included a 20 minute stop at Homebase.  Unfortunately the site doesn't say whether he ran the second half with a shed on his back. image

    If you want to analyse the heck out of every ride/run then there are probably better tools out there.

  • Wow, I have a stalker!!

    And I know the second half was slower, but not a shedload slower!!

    I had to buy string for my son's bow! It broke during the school production of Peter Pan!! Ah the joys of parenthood

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