Just wanted to get peoples opinion on barefoot trainers, im training currently for the edinburgh marathon and here good things about barefoot trainers but worry will get bad knee problems, i currently just run in neutrals. Anyone have any good or bad experiences from them?


  • i ran in some once, they were just painful. I did a relatively quick run over 5 miles.

    I have heard people rave about them though. I think it is just what you are used to, from going from cushioned trainers to barefoot, for me it was pretty awful

  • If you're training for a May Marathon you haven't enough time to convert to barefoot.

    If you've no problems currently - why would you change ?
  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    To emphasis cougie's point...   if you were thinking of May 2014, you might just have time to convert.  Otherwise, you legs will drop off half-way round.

  • I've had less (no) knee problems since switching to minimalist shoes (I run mostly in VivoBarefoot Neo/Neo Trail). But you don't want to try to transition between now and Edinburgh marathon this year - you need to start with very short runs and work up the distances gradually.

  • It's a good feeling though, very liberating! If you decide to do it, find some smooth tarmac, and run in your bare feet on that for three or four minutes; You may well notice that your running style changes automatically.

    There's loads of useful stuff on t'interweb about it, (look up Vivobarefoot) and go for it.

    I did a seven mile run on the moors in bare feet a couple of days ago - no wear and tear on shoes, and it felt (mainly) really good, through wet bits, streams, peaty paths, skipping on and off rocks, dry grass,'s like being a kid again.

    I don't know how it'd work for racing, but then I'm not a racer!

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