First Time Trail


I have seen the Clumber Park Trail 10k in May this year and am interested.  I have always been a road runner, quite a slow pace due to asthma, but in past dont half marathons and 10 milers, one kilomathon. 

Do i need any special skills or training or should i pick a lesser distance?

Please help if you can ;0)


  • I love trail running, but have never been a keen road runner. If you have asthma you might enjoy trail running more as the pace is likely to be slower than road running. I'm doing a half-marathon trail run on Sunday; I'm not as prepared as I would like but at least the scenery will be enjoyable!

  • aye you'll be fine. and you'll never go back to boring tarmac.

  • Go trail, its like discovering tonic after getting hooked on gin!

  • Hi Muppet I was wondering the same thing... I've seen some Lakeland Trails in Cumbria which look interesting but have never run anything other than roads and the local park.  Would it be too ambitious to try these?

  • Jim Ehlert wrote (see)

    Go trail, its like discovering tonic after getting hooked on gin!

    Great line.

  • sue - no. not too ambitious.

  • thanks guys/girls, 


    Just been for first run (for over a year) and only did 5k, seems i am about a 10 min mile, so not quick but not bad for me. 

    Guess I just build it up bit by bit, til race day.  Did feel alive ( once lungs allowed me to breath) and realise that I am a different person after I have been running, its a total release like nothing else, it clears you mind.  Love running how ever slow!! 

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