Brick sessions, more specifically running off the bike

I can't seem to get this right, slow pacr I die, faster pace, die sooner, is there anything I can fdo to wake my legs up after getting of the bike



  • You can increase your cadence in the last couple of miles on the bike, apart from that.....practise image

  • Will try the increased cadence, as for practise, I am honestly! 

  • as Raf says, drop your gearing down and spin the legs over quicker over the last km or so so your leg cadence is closer to your run cadence.  otherwise, just practice more.

  • +1 for both of the above

  • And another vote for same

  • I heard someone suggest that if you are talking Ironman, and intend to do a run-walk or are not expecting in all honesty to run the whole way, then walking the first half mile or so after T2 takes a lot of stress off the legs when you get off the bike and lets them return to 'normal' more quickly. That makes sense to me but no way could my ego handle leaving T2 walking even if I wasn't expecting to run the whole marathon!

  • I've walked out of T2 in all my IM's, give me time to get adjusted, take on a little fluid and fuel, sort my head out, and then build into it.


    Leave the ego behind, better losing some of it at the start of the marathon with a 5 minute walk, than all of it at the end with a 2 hour one.

  • My first brick session of the season lat night, 45 mins hard bike, then a 10 minute run after.  Forgot how it feels, but good to know, and now just need to increase the regularity

  • Practice makes perfect, or it at least reduces your ability to maintain an upright position for longer after a good bike session!

    Chris, other than practice, my best advice is to take it easier on the bike.  If the muscles are less fatigued, you will find the run easier.  As you building up strength and endurance in all disciplines and as the brick'ing becomes more familiar part of your routine, then you can thrash it.

  • Chris,

    What distance? Advice for IM would be different to Sprint or Oly. If sprint distance I might suggest multiple transition sessions. e.g. (15min bike, 5 min run)*4  Reason would be you need to come off the bike fast and don't want to lose any time as there is no chance to make it up.

    At IM distance the transition from Bike to Run is much less critical unless you are at the pointy end. There is plenty of time to make time or lose time in the marathon. For IM I would suggest a short run of 20 minutes at the end of all long bikes.



  • ^ I will give ths a try, I have IMUK in Augusst but 3 Triathlons before that, 1 sprint in a week, one middle distance ish then the Outlaw Half and IM, I have no qualms about walking out of T2 to get my legs going at all, I would just like to make it out of T2 on them.

    It is a strange one, if I run off the bike then I struggle but If after running for say 10 minutes I take 3 minutes my legs seem fine, it is the initial 10 minutes I need to try and sort out as at this point I am all over the place

  • Chris - I think that is quite normal. I haven't done that many tri's but my running feels weird for the first 1km or so (although my times are OK), before it settles down and feels right. Lots of bricks would improve this i guess

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    If I saw someone walking out of T2 with drink/food, I would think they just got it from kit bag after changing and was an excellent strategy. No kudos lost IMO.

  • I've recently been able to aquire a third hand treadmill and have forced myself to do turbo then tredie sessions and also long bikes after which I usually slump on the sofa have now been followed by at least 10 mins on the treadie.

    Hopefully this is making some difference this year


    Plus if you have parkrun near you, its great to cycle there and then run and cycle home

  • My legs feel stranger coming out of the swim than they do after the bike......its a bit strange to be upright of a sudden and you can feel a bit light headed and the legs not quite your own

  • image that will be the Stella my dear, not the swimming! image

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