Hip stabilisation

I have an ongoing weakness in the muscles around my hip involved in stabilisation, on my right side. After middling distances it begins to get very painful deep inside teh hip joint area which becomes pretty debilitating.

I'm having deep massage for it and I use specific exercises to strengthen and stretches to lengthen, but it's not having much effect.

In the past I've taken doses of ibuprofen staggered with paracetamol, only on race day, just to try and put off the point where it interferes with my stride.

Does anyone have any tips or have an alternative way I can manage pain (within the rules and within the law) that I can adopt or try out? 

I have my 'A Race' in 10 days time - my first Ultra - and ordinarily I'd bin it off, but I've put in too much work!



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bin it.

    Common sense.

  • Thanks RF but not an option. I've managed it over half and full marathon distances and more but wondered if anyone had a suggestion.
  • Heard interview with research doctor who said that one paracetamol taken with one ibubrofen and caffeine ( coffee or coke) is more effective than either taken in doubles. ie 2 brufen or 2 paracetamol.

    Paracetamol is harder on liver and brufen on kidneys so dont take more than prescribed dose but might be easier on the system taken this way. IM not recommending that you drug up to run and risk further damage to yourself but this might help you stress your body less.

    As much as possible try to relieve pain without meds. Traction can be very pain relieveing. if you could hang from a bar , like in a childrens playground, from the knees.

    Also , pain in hip that doesnt relieve is often a pelvis problem/sacro iliac joint ... which causes the hip not to hang right . YOu still have time to seek another opinion rather than throw good money after bad if your therapist isnt giving you any relief.

  • I've had this looked at by several professionals, a mix of physio, osteo, chiro, masseuse and so on. Though it feels like joint to me,mall say that it's in fact muscular. It's been like this since my first marathon in 2000.

    Part of me also doesn't want to have a joint problem so I've been apply to believe them.

    I will go to my current physio with this query, but it's all so bloody vague!

    Thanks for the advice on the meds.
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