Getting more power into your stride

I recently read an article by Michael Johnson. In it he said that getting faster isn't always about having a faster leg turnover, it is about putting more power into each stride.

how do I put more power into each stride and can you do this over longer distances?


  • I think distance running is quite different to sprinting ?
  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Michael Johnson was a track runner. Did he ever go beyond 400m?

    I think for most on the forum doing say 5K upwards work on core and general body strength but don't overdo things. The act of running steady, LSR, fartlek, intervals, hills and speedwork should give your legs and cardio enough "power". All that is left is delaying fatigue in your pumping arms, back and shoulders so a little work there is all that is required.  

  • Thanks also-ran, an interesting article.  I will consider how best to incorporate some plyos into my training regime. 

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