Achillies Pain

Right where do i start well i raced on sunday did 6 miles felt a little niggle on my Achillies left foot, I did 10x hill reps last night and had to stop after 8reps with my achillies feeling quite tight.

I woke up this morning with the same pain but when i got walking on it the pain eased off a little i only feel it when i've been sitting for a while and have to get up.

I'm due to see a physio on friday about it but has anyon else had this and what did they do to hlp the recovery process.




  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Quite a few threads on this, mark, including one I started.  Scroll down the list and you should find it, probably on page two or three by now.

    Nip this in the bud before it sets in.  Ice after exercise or when swollen.    Ease off high impact sessions - speedwork and especially downhills.  Physio may help or you may benefit from deep tissue massages from a sports injury therapist.

    The achilles tendon and muscles attached to it need to be made more flexible therefore flex the foot as much as possible and do calf stretching exercises. Avoid resting it and long periods of sitting!

  • Cheers T Rex i'll check it out.

  • Hi - sounds exactly like what I had.  Give it a day or two to calm down and ice it if you think it's helping, then get into eccentric heels drops (make sure you are warmed up before starting them - not straight out of bed or after icing) and start running short distances (2 - 3 miles) on the flat very slowly.

    Keep up with the heel drops and gradually increase the distance and pace based upon how you are in the morning.

    Oh, did I mention the heel drops?  Do them.  Lots of them.

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