What to wear in this weather..

Hi all,

I'm new on triathlon and I'm after some advice on what clothing to get.

I subscribed to the Banbury triathlon and I still not sure what I should wear (as the swimming is on a open water pool and the weather could be anything).

Without marring to any triathlon clothing maker I have only managed to find and try on a 2XU (MT2123A) tri singlet top and bottom, it felt great but I have to admit I’m not sure it’ll be worm enough to get in the water, and then bike ( I may be ok for the run) with that thin layer only, which suggest that I may need to get a wet suit for the water and may be a different top for the cycling....

I then looked at 2XU website (the same as few other makers) and they have lots of models (compression, long distance, etc) made of different materials I didn’t know they existed but they don’t tell me much about how thick or warm they are so I’m a bit like running in circles here..

1 – Is it common that you always use a tri-suit and a wet suit. 

2 – Assuming it is an outdoor’s swimming pool during UK summer time what does it translate to pool water temperature and what is acceptable(e.g. no skin pain) if I was to get into the water without a wet suit for let’s say 20’.

3 – Is there a tri-suit material that can be used without wet suit (e.g. thicker material) and keep body warmth..

4 – Do you tend to have/use more than one setup kit e.g.  (warm) kit that may be a thin tri suit with no wet suit and also a (cold weather) kit with thicker tri suit and wet suit as well..?

I would like to know if I could use just one kit and not been extremely (painful) could in the water but ok on bike-run but in the other hand comfortable in the water but too warn on the bike or run..

It’s worth mentioning that I’m trying to keep the budget as low as possible.

Best regards and thanks in advance..



  • 1. Trisuits are best. Wetsuits only for open water. Not for pool swims.

    2. Isn't it heated ?

    3. Not really

    4. Layers are best. If its cold - throw a jacket/gilet/armwarmers on over your top for the bike at least.

    I'd just wear a trisuit and have a jacket to throw on for the bike. Easy to get on over wet kit. And then you can take it off for the run if it warms up.
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