Trying to improve 10km time (sub 50mins)


I've been running for a few years and tend to do about 10-15 miles a week. I'm trying to improve my 10km time and have recently started doing intervals on the treadmill once a week in the hope that this might help. My current best for 10km is 52mins and i'd like to try and go under 50 in the next few months.

What are the best intervals to increase speed for this kind of distance? Currently I am doing 5 x 3min @ 14kph and 2 min @ very slow jog/walk. I had tried do jog at 10kph for the slow part but found i could only manage 3 repeats.

Any advice greatly appreciated! image



  • Get out and run some hills. Hills are speedwork in disguise image

  • Thanks Lucy, I'll give the mile repeats a go - sounds like they really worked for you! When you say 2.30 mins rest between, do you mean like a really slow jog or walk?

    Feral, cheers for the hint about hills.. its pretty flat round here. There are a few 'hills' but they only take about 30 seconds to jog up. This any good or do i need to dig out my OS map to search for something more challenging?

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