Running pants that are not tight, but not loose

Hi all, what specific pants do you guys know that fit snugly, but not like tights? I currently run in tracksuit pants that are so baggy and drag me in windy weather. I don't want full on tights, but something in between?


  • Decathlon do some long running trousers: thin material, but fairly loose. Have a look here:



    I think they only stock them in winter months, so I would move sharpish.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    What you are describing, Sir, is RonHill tracksters.

    Combine with lamb chop sideburns for that authentic 1970s PE teacher look.

  • +1 for RonHill Tracksters - my most-worn running legwear.  Not particularly trendy, nor windproof, but I prefer them to tights.  They also look better as they get older image.

    I also have some TNF Winstopper trousers which are quite slim fitting. I think they're meant as MTB trousers, but they're my first choice for foul weather.  Probably pretty expensive if they still sell them, but I picked these up discounted.

    OMM have the Kamleika trousers, but again quite costly and I don't know about the fit.

  • Another vote for borrowing a pair of Ron's Tracksters

  • You say 'pants' but do you mean trousers?  If so, then +1 for Ron Hill's Tracksters - you can look like Mr Baxter off Grange Hill!

    If you mean pants, have a look at Decathlon's range of active underwear - wide variety of shapes and fits.

  • But that would mean that Jim is currently running in pants so baggy he gets blown around in the wind.  Which means he's not wearing any trousers?  Which means he needs some tracksters pronto before he gets fined, or ASBO'd or something!  image

  • Gr8 choice, tracksters+1

    I need xxl, the largest size, just to get the length even close to long enough. Stirrups pull them down if I use them and being about 6-8" less around the waist they're like clown pants.

    Anyway, IMHO they fit short or tubby people but their design and fabrics are perfect for your needs. I run in mine but only in the dark, late at night in places I won't bump into ppl.

    If anyone knows something like Ron hills but fit the taller, slim person I'd appreciate the recommendation. I'm only 6feet 5 inches and 34 inch waist. I can get walking trousers, jeans, smart / casual trousers, etc in the right size but nothing like Ron hills. I would have thought runners are all slim so why 38" waists with 33" legs? Same leg length as smaller sizes.
  • thanks for the definitive suggestion on the ronhills, just got a couple of pairs of their classic tracksters, should arrive tomorrow or next day. thanks everyone!

  • cheap too, and great for cycling as well as running.

  • hi all, ran in a pair today, they are ideal and just want I was after however they are far too warm for anything but the the height of winter!

  • stanmorekstanmorek ✭✭✭

    Has anyone cut off the stirrups from their Ron Hill tracksters? I find them an annoyance.

  • Haha yes! But you can also buy them sans stirrupsimage
  • Have a look at OMM Kamleika race pants just bought my second pair, first pair lasted 4 years

  • I picked up some Nike running pants over the winter. They are the same Dri-Fit material as their running shorts, only ankle length. Super thin and light with vents down the side of each leg.

    I was also looking for something that wasn't tights but wasn't too heavy and thick either.

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