Straw poll on running jackets

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OMM Kamleika or Montane Minimus? Roughly the same price. OMM heavier by 100 grams, so not v. Significant. Any valued opinions out there before I hit the button?


  • I've just bought the ronhill tempest jacket wore it for all the tp100 without a problem very breathable excellent jacket just to throw another one in the mix. What type of races do you want it for.

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    Sdw50 is the first one. I've seen that it packs away into its own bag with strap which is useful, though looking at the weather forecast I doubt I'll be putting it away. Thanks for that. How much and where did you get yours?
  • Haglofs LiM. Expensive but worth it.


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    Thanks Dill - but more than I wanted to spend. The montane and the tempest are both ??100. I must choose.
  • If you're looking for a Minimus in mens medium, then someone ( not me ) is selling one for £60 on the UK Hillwalking forums

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    Angus, I have pm'd the chap. I may owe you a virtual beer!
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    Deal done. I do owe you a virtual beer!
  • God, there's a mug born every minute! 


    Then paying £60??! 


    ...get a pac a mac for under £10, kept me dry in the Lakeland 100, and on every other wet run. Fancy gear is busniness making a fool of you.

  • Or don't get one at all. Skin is waterproof. The only reason I'd fork out for one was if I was entering a race which required it.

  • Snap! Great that you got a good deal. Minimus is a great jacket and can turn a wet, cold, and possibly dangerously hypothermic run into an enjoyable run in the rain. As someone who used to be in the Royal Marines Reserve pointed out to me, any fool can be wet, cold and miserable.

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    Debra, looking at the forecast for next weekend, we're going to need it! My pac-a-mac just won't do.

  • the montane atomic is great and is usually cheap from field and trek for last years colours....paid less than £80

  • Good news Snap - you're happy, the seller's happy, it's just mr unpronouncable that seems a bit upset  image

    Could you please make it a pint of Deuchars IPA, yumm !

  • Anyone can be uncomfortable.
  • How much did it cost to run the Lakeland 100 LardArse? Paying to run on free paths, roads and bridleways? Now, before you go calling someone else a fool perhaps you may want to take a moment to apply your own teachings to your own behaviour.
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    Good point.

    (Deuchars= Good pint)

  • I've been running in an OMM for the last 2years, packs very small, light, windproof, breathable, hand loops good size and requires reproofing from time to time. There are better tops out there but for the price its a good investment. Will need to wear a peak cap with hood up as the hood peak is not great. Hope this helps.

  • Late contribution but the Rab Demand smock is amazing; the hood is an absolute comfort in the mountains when the rain is really driving.

    Remember to get some good cleaning stuff for your Montane though, to keep it water proof. Nikwax tech wash and spray do the job!
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    I've bought mine, but this is all good stuff for others, given the 'inclement' weather we've been having.
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