From treadmill to Royal Parks

Hey I'm Esther,

I've been running in the gym for a few years and two years ago I did the 5K race for life but generally outdoors running scares me - I find it a real challenge. 

Anyway I work for a charity and a bunch of girls at work said they were running the Royal Parks HM so I signed up with them spur of the moment (EEK!)

I had my gait analysis done today at Runners Need and the guy was reallt helpful - I have flat feet and over pronate quite badly so I need a high support shoe but they didnt have any in my size. Any recommendations? I'm a big fan of Nike but aware they may not be the best technically...Are there any old style Nike trainers with more support?

Does anyone know anything about the Nike Relentless or Nike Dual Fusion III?

Also any suggestions of good websites for training programmes would be great!


  • Hi

    What shoes did runners need recommend? if you like Nike's then the Zoom Structure Triax range is up there in higher stability terms.

    Or you can use this advisor for some guidance




  • Hi Jeff,

    They didnt' specifically recommend one show - just told me I needed something with a lot of stability. I tried the Structure Triax but it felt a bit narrow. I think I'm going to go with either the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 or +3...It felt very comfortable and supportive but I can't find many reviews about it in terms of helping with over pronation.


  • Hi

    The Eclipse range will have a medium pronation control so should help control roll to some degree, yes not many reviews here is a USA site that has some advice, hope it helps



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