Ok to try and lose a few pounds before carb load?

Put on a few pounds with all this training lark, my own fault of course, but just been SO hungry. Anyone else found this? So want to try and shift 3 or 4 pounds over next couple of weeks, then do couple of days to up the carbs, then race day..... Do you think its an ok plan?


  • I personally wouldn't do anything drastic at this stage. Last thing you want to do is compromise your immune system. A little bit of controlled weight loss won't hurt - but do you really need to add that to your preparation?

    I will be eating a bit less up to VLM as I will be exercising less, I would avoid crash diets. Keep yourself healthy with a well balanced diet and take care with carb loading so that you don't end up bloated and waddling around.

    There is an approach to go through carb depletion and loading cycles. I certainly won't be doing that as a) never tried it and b) love my daily breadimage

  • HI annie,

    I too have put a little weight on since marathon training... really reassuring to read your post... I am planning to make a determined effort to eat less carbs (in the next 10days) as my training tapers and I am not running so much.. I dont expect to lose weight but thinking at least I wont gain weight. 

    To give you a bit of hope.. I remember when I did the marathon last time, I lost loads of weight the month after the marathon, with no exercise! weird!  

  • Thanks, Fenn, didnt realise the weight would be so hard to manage - reassuring to know there's a chance of losing a bit after the race - 2 weeks later I've a posh frock to get into for my son's wedding!
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