DIY Isotonics

read this today, and wondered if anyone esle has any DIY tips:

'Do-it-yourself energy and fluid replacers are cheaper than manufactured ones and equally as effective, say the experts. Mix one part water with one part fresh orange juice and a small pinch of salt (you should not taste the salt) for an isotonic drink. 'Orange juice also helps replace the potassium lost in sweat,' says sports dietician Louise Beaver.'

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  • That's a good tip! I usually DIY sports drinks because I don't like Lucozade/Powerade etc drinks, especially when running. I find them too sweet, sickly and sticky image 

    I use 1/3 OJ to 2/3 water, with a High 5 hydration tab (citrus ones) dissolved in it.

    I don't DIY the salt content because I generally like things really salty and I'd probably get the quantity wrong and poison myself image I bought a load of High 5 tabs really cheap from one of the voucher websites, so I'm set for ages image

  • I've seen those, are they the same as those Nuum thingies?
  • I like lemon and honey with a pinch of salt.


    Followed by a peanut butter and jam sandwich, although a sausage buttie goes down a treat after a race.

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