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Hi there

I hope this isnt the wrong forum to be posting in but I am off to Manchester soon staying at the Premier Inn in Salford, Manchester.  I was looking online at some routes and also on google earth.  I like running early mornings and so I would  like somewhere relatively safe.  I do run 9 miles along the canal here where i live in Somerset at the moment, but whilst I am away, Im only aiming for about 5 miles, maybe more, but want to see how I go in strange surroundings (for me).  Can anybody recommend a good route?  I think there is a canal/river nearby but again not sure if its safe or whether there are paths along there.  I do run about 6am at the mo but I will probably set off more like 7am.  Im only here for 3 mornings.  Please please advise.  I would be really grateful.

Thank you


  • Hi Tanya. There are a few Premier Inns in Salford but if it is the one in Salford Quays I would suggest running down the path by River Irwell into Manchester. At 7am there will be plenty of people on that path either running or walking to work.

    Alternatively you can pick up the canal by Old Trafford and head into Manchester. This route would be a bit quieter early in a morning but is full of runners later on.

  • hEY !

    Thank you for replying.  I saw Irwell River on google maps actually and thought it would be the best route, I couldnt see if it was easy for running along or not (if it had pathways).  The Premier Inn is : North Tower, Victoria Bridge Street, City Centre.

    Is this by the Quay?

  • Not near Quays.

    Best bet is to run down Deansgate to Quay Street. Follow Quay Street to the end and turn left onto Water Street. Turn right onto a Prinncess Street bridge (traffic can't cross this). At end of bridge go down steps and turn left. 100 yards and you will see River Irwell path on your left. Follow path to the end which is at Quays. Footpath on river is a pavement and no mud. From your hotel to end of path is about 2.5 miles, so turn and go back for 5 miles.

    Run goes past Granada studio so early morning you could see Corrie stars I know I often do image

  • Princes Street bridge!

    Have a good run.

  • Had a bad experience in Manchester Nick?

    I have worked, run and socialised in Manchester over the last 5 years and have never had any negative experience. Just walked in from Salford across Princess Bridge along Water Street and Quay Street to office on Deansgate and only thing I saw was people walking, running and cycling into the city.

    Anyway, hope you manage to get out for a run Tanya.

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