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I have a very neutral gate and most of my wear is in the fore foot, I've been running in Nike Pegasus for the past 4years and have been enjoying fitness improvements over this time. I'm now running under 36mins for 10k and the Pegasus 29 now feel a little spongy to me. I started at 15stone (now 11stone and 5'11") and 46min and at the time the Pegasus were just right.

I was after some advice which shoes to consider as most of the on line help points me to a racer/trainer or a Newton. FYI I race in an Adidas Boston which I love.



  • New balance 1080 v3, these are my favourites. Weighing about 10.5oz with only 8mm drop. Good cushnioning in forefoot and heel, without comprimising on road feel. Would definetly recommend to try them out at your local running shop.

  • Have a butchers at - -this site seems to list most of the shoe releases and the associated technical blurb (note: not always accurate - Asics Kayano aren't as supportive as this site claims) .  You can search for neutral/minimal/race shoes, make a shortlist of those with the right number of stars and take that to the shop.

    I won't comment on the Newtons, as I don't know much about them and comments on minimal running always seem to bring out fanatical d*ck-heads from both sides.

    Good 10k time, BTW - you should be proud!

  • Thanks Misha, never ran in NB before so I'll take a look, I like the sound of 8mm drop.

    Thanks DiscountRunner, I'll take a look at swift2feet and let you know, yes I dont know anyone who owns Newtons or if thet are any good. Thanks also for the positive comments on the time, feeling great at the moment as a couple of years ago I was rather tubby!

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