Minimalist running

HI all I've been running with the Inov 8 f lite 195s for a while now but I am looking for a minimalist shoe that will do well with all really such as in rivers, rocks, gravel roads, concrete, grass etc. I have narrowed it down to these 3 Vibram seeya New balance minamist zero Inov 8 trailroc 150 I would prefer to have some opinions first before choosing as I think of all of them look good. Thanks


  • Anyone??image

  • I have the innov8 trail trailroc 206 (ladies') shoes and love them. I run all sorts - fields, hills, woods, muddy/wet/slippery/gravel trails and have found them to be brilliant. Good grip, really lightweight and comfortable. I'd definitely recommned them!

  • I wear new balance, have a look, but mine struggle with the sloppy stuff.
  • Though they're great everywhere else!
  • ^^ same with the merrell trail glove, ive put mine through 1000+ miles of everything, they are not too grippy on slippy wet mud, but everything else is fine, they are going to offer the same kind of performance as the seeya though. for less money. 
    What i will add is, that as someone who's ran in vibrams and merrell barefoots on trails, the vibrams can get annoying, in that if a stone or bit of wood chip etc goes between the toes (happens a LOT) you hae to stop to remove it or be very uncomfortable, 
    the trailglove from merrell is very similar to a vibram five finger under foot, and with a big wide toe box, 

    Its often a compromise with slippy mud, since anything good in that is gonna suck on the road or harder ground. 

  • I use vivobarefoot trail shoes, and find them great, used them on beach, mud, cliff paths and gravel but never worn anything else so nothing to compare it to really! Good luck in finding something that suits you.
  • Thanks all, I´ve been looking again and I really like the trailroc 150.  They are (I think) the most minimalistic shoe out there, I also like the Vibram five fingers spyridon

    The terrain here in the Málaga province of Spain is really dry but in winter it can get interesting with the river full of water again so it´s quite muddy but theres lots of good mountain tracks and of course the beach.


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