Is a running assessment really necessary?


I'm looking to get into running so I'm about to buy some Asics.

I was told to go to a specialist running shop before buying shoes to get my running technique assessed. 

Is this really neccessary or is it really for the pros and a way for the shop to make more money? (+£15)

Any advice would be greatly appriciated. 

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  • I didn't have to pay at the running shops i went to..maybe they have had loads of people going in getting the free assessment and then buggering off to look for cheaper shoes on the internet...


    there are tens of different types of asics around so which one will you buy...if you know the ones you wnat or have been using a type without any problems then save your money....

     £15 isn't a lot to pay for the expert advice if its good advice.cheaper than a physio to sort out the problems caused by the wrong shoes

  • I wouldn't pay £15 for a shop worker to "assess" anything. I'd welcome their suggestions re shoes, and fully expect these days to get a gait analysis, but this is a 30 second jog on a treadmill, with them watching a vid of it. Hardly worth £15. It's not like your getting expert advice from Alberto Salazar. Then again, it's your money. Go to town!

  • david......our local shop hasn't got a treadmill.they look at you standing, walking and then running.....

    myself, my hubby and my son have all gone at different times for an assesment and they have told us that we are 3 different types of that kills your theory..

    they do not charge and I trust their major problems form the 3 of us running......

    they were brilliant with my sons shoes when he thought the smaller size felt alright but they persuaded him to go up a couple of sizes......

  • You can get a gait analysis done by a sports physio / chiro or you can get one done in a shop. The shop analysis is a world apart from a physio/chiropractor in my opinion. I wouldn't pay for a shop assessment. Go get fitted in a shop that doesn't charge. Unless you know of some underlying problems with your feet/ankles/knee ....... hips, lower back ........... then you don't need a proper gait analysis.

    Shops are looking to fit shoes to match your current gait - e.g they may conclude you are a moderate overpronator and stick you in the appropriate Asics support shoe. They do not analyse and work out why your gait is as it is, and then work to improve your gait.

    Sweatshop is free. I have had some good & bad experiences. Nowadays you can take the shoes back if they aren't right.
  • Unless you know exactly what you're after, the expertise of most shops is worth paying the extra in comparison to online prices. Paying for an anlysis is a bit much though when there are plenty who'll go to the ends of the earth to help with anything you could wish. At worst it should be free if you make some kind of purchase.


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