Average training times

I am training for my first marathon in about 6 weeks.

Noticing that my average weekly minute per mile is very close to my hoped for marathon pace. (3:30)

Jan 180 miles 8.10 pace

Feb 175 miles 7.56 pace

Mar 200 miles 8.05 pace

My runs are a mix of lsr @ 8.30 ish pace and tempos@ 7.15 pace / intervals upto 6.00 pace

Does this seem right? is this how average pace works out for most- can find loads of info on pace for each session but thought the average pace was intresting.


  • what pace are you planning on for your marathon RE?

  • 8:00 minute mile agent

    pbs at present are

    10k 41:20

    HM 1:35

    If i put these into a calculator it suggests quicker but this is my first marathon and my legs at the end of my long runs dont suggest quicker!!

  • i wouldn't put too much truck in what the race calculators say. They're all subtly different and will over/under estimate your race paces and training paces. Ultimately you're the best judge of your capabilities.

    It sounds like your training paces are about right. I'm not sure there's a lot of value to be gained from summing all your runs and calculating a mean pace across all runs in a given month. More helpful is to ensure you're getting a proper spread of running paces, including threshold, recovery runs, etc, and that you're not "racing" all your training runs, especially the long runs, which it seems you have a decent handle on.

    Carry on as you are, and good luck in your race image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    No idea but you seem to be racing most of your runs.

    Your average paces each month are quite a bit faster than mine but my PBs are quite a bit quicker than yours. half time is 11 mins quicker.
  • 1997 yes that's what it appears when I look into training pace v race times.

    Guess the other way of looking at it is I am not pushing myself enough when in a race.

    The question is which is it?
  • It is probably easier (and you are more likely) to run your training runs too fast than run your races too slow. Have a look at the McMillan Calculator to get a better idea of what you should be doing on your training runs.

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