Over pronation:Bulky support shoe vs Orthotic insole

I'm a moderate over pronator. My right foot is standard overpronation, the left one not so much so I average that out a moderate pronation image I don't like the cumbersome chunky weighty stabili shoes that science tells me I need, so for a while now I have run in nike lunarglide. For the most part these have been ok, but I do pick up niggles and injuries frequently, so I'm starting to question my decision to try and force myself down the more neutral route. My Physio suggested maybe trying some insoles or orthotics (she had some superfeet ones which felt good). Is it a viable option to say maybe buy some more neutral, slim lighter shoes and drop some of these insoles in to compensate the pronation instead of buying the stability shoe, or am I missing something?? Steve


  • Some people seem to think so, but I've never felt that an insole can do the same as a medial post.  Anyway, you don't need to have chunky, weighty stability shoes - look at some of the Mizuno models - good levels of support, but light, low-profile and flexible.  If that's what you like, they'll probably have something to suit.

  • I run in Brooks Adrenaline and find them pretty smooth. I was encouraged to go to orthotics years ago by a podiatrist but I didn't want to go there. Before you know it you'll 'need' ??150 custom inserts.
  • Ha! Well in the end I went down my local running shop and threw marks at the mercy of the science. After some gait analysis and trying on loads it was a straight shoot out between Mizuno Inspire and Brooks Adrenaline. Both were giving me virtually the same stability but I plumped did the brooks in the end..... First run tonight image
  • My first running shoes were Brooks Adrenaline (3?) - brilliant shoe.  Let us know how you get on!


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