Pain after switching shoes

I've just brought a new pain of asics GT 2000's as a replacement for my very old Salomons - I've recently completed the couch to 5K so thought I'd treat myself. I had a professional gait analysis (both static and dynamic) and they said I was a mild over pronator but needed quite a lot of cushining due to my weight, from this I think its fair to say the gt 2000's are ideal on paper. I've used them twice now (both on 5k runs) and since switching I've got a really weird but acute pain on the inside of my left leg, just above the ankle. Asides from this my shins are also quite sore. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Am I just getting used to these new shoes or is it a more serious problem?


  • I too over pronate & have had problems since running in my new trainers (also bought following gait analysis) - suffering from shin splints & pain in my upper right leg (hamstring?) - my right leg is the worse for over pronating. I'm assuming its due to the support in the trainers making me run differently/correctly & now working different muscles. But this is only an assumption.

    I've also found that I feel like I'm running flat footed I.e. my foot seems to be hitting the ground differently, making running rather uncomfortable.

    I've contacted the shop where I purchased my trainers so I'll let you know what they say.
  • Thats what was also assuming/hoping. I guess if you have become used to running a certain way/the wrong way then you body will need time to correct with the right shoes. I decided to take a week off to let whatever was hurting get better before I try and venture out again. Thanks for the advice Charlotte, I look forward to hearing what the shop says.

  • I'm having a similar problem. I switched shoes that had some stability to ones that offers more stability. I did this about a month ago and for the last two weeks I've had acute shin pain and lower calf pain. I'm also a lot nosier when running and slap the ground hard.

    I'd be interested to what the shop says Charlotte, so please keep us updated. I'm thinking of bringing my old shoes out of retirement.
  • I have the same problem too! maybe we should start a new club 'over pronators anonymous' image I too am interested in what the shop say.
  • Its really annoying. I have taken the best part of a week off to see if time heals whatever is wrong but I am worried about heading out again. I don't want it to mean I have to buy a different pair of new shoes!

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