Dont want to give up

Hi Everyone

ive been trying to run of and on for 2 years!!

struggled with breathing for 12 months untill eventually got an inhaler from the docs.

After various injuries ive

over came pronation problems got insoles proper trainers etc

All the way through have struggled with my core strength becauce of a back problem which im still trying to get stronger but dosent seem to be improving.

I suppose what im asking is can anyone recommend anything  to strenghen my core and back

I do try

and does it get better im struggling to keep up my enthusiasum to keep on trying.


  • Hi Debbie, sorry you have been having trouble with your back and core strength - must be quite hard at times - but don't give up! You've been having a crack at running for the last couple of years, so you must enjoy it (although given the recent weather, my enjoy-o-metre has dipped a tad..)

    Anyway, have you had a look at Pilates - great for core strengthening and overall toning and posture. You could check to see if there are any classes near you to have a nosey at.
  • I came accross a link on this website for Pilates for runners. Its in the training section I think, but if you Google "Pilates for running" the link to Runners World comes near the top. There are videos on the link as well.

    Yoga is also great for breath work and stability. Good luck and even if you can only do a little, you are doing more than nothing! I'm still new myself and sometimes the motivation part can be a struggle...I always try and smile when running to remind myself that I am in control of it (not it of me!!) and that I enjoy it once I'm out there!!!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    My sympathy with the back pain Debbie Pitford. I can't help there.

    What impresses me is that you try so hard, and you come across as very genuine.

    What i can say is, never give up.

    Its hard I know, but keep at it.

    I'm a binge drinker, and I can go onn a 3 month drikinng  sessions. But the people in any of the threads are so supportive.

    May I encourage you to find one that fits your needs. Perhaps, the  new 2013 beginners running thread, or any  other one that I know will be supportive.

    I have started one myself is this your first marathon. It also helps discussing iinnjuries in there to (but I can't promise you that they  can help), but sometimes chatting can be so helpful.

  • Glad you found a Pilates class near you - stick with it, enjoy, and fingers crossed you'll soon be bounding along pain free image

    All the best
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    hI All,

    How are you today. I hope you feel a little happier?

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