Hurstbourne 5M

This race is quite close to me so, if the cold spell finishes, was thinking about doing it this year.

Any experiences to pass on?


  • It's a fab race, and there was an excellent t-shirt when I did it in around 2009 ... but do be prepared for the hills and the mud! I recall getting to roughly 4 miles, being up a bit of a hill, and looking down at the finish area (which looked very near indeed) .... and then being required to run even further up that hill! Of course this gives you a nice descent towards the finish, but it's not a race for the faint-hearted! I'd say get your entry form in and then tackle some of the toughest hills on your training route as preparation!

  • So muddy and hilly, sounds just up my street. Like a downhill finish as well.image

  • I can't deny that the course is a little "undulating", but if the weather stays this way, there should be no mud, as the course is drying out very quickly.

    I will be ordering T-shirts this week so please get your entries in ASAP, so that I have an idea on numbers.

    P.S. The last mile is all down hill image

  • OK sounds good and I'm a sucker for a T shirt. I was out on the Combe Gibbet course today and it was glorious great to get some sun on my face. First run without hat or gloves this year.

  • I'm the infamous Sweeper who follows the last runner round & takes the course marking tape down.

    Cracking race with a prize for the first man & woman to the top of the first hill, walked a large part of the course last week and it the going was quite firm. Will be quite scenic if the spring hurries up & the bluebells get flowering.

    The bacon rolls at the end are great too.

  • We have just moved to the area and I am just getting back into my running! Do you think this is a suitable race for someone who is getting back into running? I really want to get to know some routes around this area and thought this was a good race to learn some new footpaths! Is entry still open??
  • The course is pretty hilly, but we have had all standards and ages of runners run the race (15 - 80 years old). Finish times range from 30 mins to 75 the homemade cakes make running up the hill all the more worthwhile! Online entries are still open. More info on Facebook:

    There are lots of great running routes around Hurstbourne Tarrant. Come and find me on race day and I'll try to point a few out (I'll be the grey haired one looking stressed)

  • Just checked out the course. It is a little soggy after this week's rain. I would recommend trail shoes or studs for next weekend


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